Sydney Smackdown

Tom Slater

Well, the first event of the 13 Fishing BREAM Series has been run and won. Congratulations has to go to Rossco, he puts in a lot of time on Sydney Harbour and it showed last weekend when he quite frankly smashed us!

I had a good event, as I said in my last blog this was only going to be the second time I had fished Sydney Harbour. I caught my 10/10 limit, I just didn’t get the big bites I needed to compete for the win. After watching the winners’ interview with Ross I think I wasn’t really fishing the right areas to come across big numbers of kicker sized fish. I’m sure they were there but not in the quantity where you could rely on catching 3 or 4 every day.


In saying that though, I caught enough to earn me 11th, a cheque for $400 and valuable AOY points

for grand final qualification. Which is really the main thing I was after.

I caught most of my fish both days fishing plastics on pontoons and boat hulls. I fished bays close to the start at Hen & Chicken Bay. Imainly threw a combination of OSP Do Live Craw in the 2″ size and the OSP Shrimp in the 3″ at boat hulls and pontoons. Their swimming action on the drop far outfished any other plastic I tried. I fished them on a 1/30th jighead to give them enough weight to make the appendages swim on the way down. Which is definitely a key to turning lookers into biters. In between boats or jetties I’d throw around an OSP Dunk 48 crankbait, they dive deep enough I could actually crank the mooring blocks of the boats and I caught a valuable upgrade this way late in the second day.

IMG_20140315_211852My outfit was a pretty standard soft plastic type outfit. A 13 Fishing ENVY Black 610L rod matched with a 2500 Daiwa Caldia. 12lb Toray Seabass braid and a 4lb Toray Upgrade leader. Its light, sensitive and down right awesome to use! For my crankbait fishing I move to a longer softer rod, the ENVY Black 71LM a 2004 size Daiwa Caldia and 3lb Toray Upgrade run straight through to the lure.

I have one main goal this year, and that’s to get a full 10/10 limit in all 4 Bream Qualifiers. I’ve completed step 1 of 4. Only 3 to go!

Next stop is Mallacoota in may. Can’t wait to get down there and catch a few big black bream!

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