ZMan EZ ShrimpZ | Everything eats a shrimp!

ZMan 3.5” EZ ShrimpZ Unrigged

Everything eats a prawn and the new ZMan EZ ShrimpZ is sure to appeal to a myriad of fresh and saltwater species with its realistic profile, thin legs and antennae designed for added realism and vibration. The segmented body creates maximum action and a natural prawn ‘kick’, while the fanned tail creates a natural glide on the sink.

Also available in a pre-rigged version, the unrigged EZ ShrimpZ comes in 8 colours, with 4 lures per pack and can be used as a replacement body for the pre-rigged version, or rigged standalone on a TT Lures HeadlockZ or DemonZ jighead for fishing open water and weedless rigged on the TT ChinlockZ or SnakelockZ jigheads for fishing deep in structure.

Testing of the 10X Tough, super-soft and flexible, ElaZtech EZ ShrimpZ saw it boat everything from bass, flathead, mulloway and snapper, to barra, jacks and trevally. How many different species will eat your EZ ShrimpZ? Fish on!

SRP: $15.95

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