Bluefin/ePropulsion BASS Electric Series- St Clair Result

Trying conditions challenged anglers at the St Clair round of the 2016 Bluefin/ePropulsion BASS Electric Series.

Anglers were greeted on Sunday with tough fishing with perfect weather in the prefish and a change coming through on Saturday night leaving behind rain and strong wind. This change in weather saw a lot of anglers having to adjust their game plan on tournament day.

The top five was as follows: David lane 5th 2 fish 1.68 kg , Luke draper 4th 2 fish 1.7kg ,  John Picton 3rd 2 fish 1.77kg , josh Katau 2nd 2 fish 1.99kg , and Dan Clancy 1st 2 fish 2.6kg.

Clancy caught his fish in the Carrowbrook Arm drifting over the top of the weed beds and locating small holes in the deep weed which the bass were using as ambush points. Here he made short cast into each pocket using a ZMan Grubz in watermelon on a Bassman jighead, 4lb braid, 6lb gama leader, fished on a Millerods Finesse Freak rod.

Every runner up Josh Katua caught his fish using 1/6th oz Dam Deep jighead and a 2″ Easy Shiner plastic fishing over the top of the weed and the front face of the weed bed, slow rolling with some small twitches which most of his fish would come after twitching the plastic. Although finding it tough he managed his 2 from the start of the Carrowbrook Arm.

Place Angler Fish Weight (kg)
1 Daniel Clancy 2 2.51
2 Josh Katua 2 1.99
3 John Picton 2 1.77
4 Luke Draper 2 1.7
5 David Lane 2 1.68
6 Peter Wood 2 1.67
7 Mal Draper 2 1.57
8 Rebecca Smith 1 1.29
9 Hayden Ferricks-Bellamy 1 1.24
10 Adam Sharpe 1 1.19
11 Andrew Jeavons 1 1.15
12 Dylan Glover 1 1.11
13 Luke Hillenberg 1 1.01
14 Daniel Murrel 1 0.83
15 Tim Nagano
16 Les Smith
17 Brian Rutledge
18 Mark King
19 Charles West
20 Chris Lindsay
21 Joe O’Sullivan

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