Carter Powers to Power-Pole AOY Win

spg_3515When you look back through the sixteen years of ABT tournament history, you can be sure of two things – It’s hard to win a Costa BREAM Grand Final, and even harder to win a Power-Pole BREAM Angler of the Year award.

Back in the beginning, the AOY race was separated into state based races, running on two or three events. Back then it was still hard to win, but that race has nothing on what it is now. A national points race stretching from Tasmania, to Western Australia and north to Queensland. Eight potential scoring events, with the best four of those contributing to an anglers’ final cumulative tally. There’s truly no other test like it for a competitive angler.

The 2016 Power-Pole BREAM AOY as it always does, came down to the last event of the series, and what an area to showcase spg_3729the diversity of this year’s champion. Warren Carter knew all the numbers going into the Gold Coast, but he only needed one. Clinching the Power-Pole BREAM AOY title in true champion style, standing atop the podium on Sunday afternoon.

When a year-long points race comes down to the final event, you can be sure everyone in contention knows exactly what’s needed of them to leapfrog into first position. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important, focus on improving on your worst score rather than focus on the tournament that’s right ahead of you. When all is said and done there isn’t a better option for anglers in contention than to win, and that’s exactly what Warren Carter did, firmly planting his name into the ABT record books as one of the sport’s greatest anglers.


Warren’s 386/400 bested his close friend and equally talented Cameron Whittam by four points. Over the course of an eight tournament season, four points is nothing. The top five in the race were only separated by six points, and it was a who’s who of BREAM tournament anglers.

spg_3487The Costa BREAM Series travelled further in 2016 than it has for some years, stretching its legs across the Bass Strait and into Tasmania, and spanning over 3500km to the west coast to sample some of Australia’s most untouched bream fisheries. In amongst all of this, was one angler who never faltered, Carter’s impressive 386/400 featured a total of six potential scoring events, never failing to drop lower than eighth place in any event. His finishes of eighth, seventh, seventh, fifth, fifth and first in the last event across some seriously diverse fisheries was a feat no-one could match, and one deserving of the crown of 2016 Power-Pole BREAM Angler of the Year.
Power-Pole has been a fantastic supporter of ABT BREAM’s highest honour for the past several seasons, and Carter will be the lucky recipient of a brand new Power-Pole to match the one that already finds itself on the back of Carter’s tournament rig.

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