Haswing Transom Mount Comax Electric Motor

Electric boat motors are the perfect addition on to any boat for lure fishing and fishing shallow water. Electric motors are designed for stealth being able to sneak right up on the fish before they get spooked. Electric motors run on either twelve volt or twenty four volt depending on the size of the motor being used

The Comax electric outboard motor range specifically designed for electric only waterways features a durable 12 volt 55lbs motor and integrated hydraulic trim system, innovative 2:1 steering system and telescopic steering lever. Comax motors are equipped with a step-less digital speed controller which provides precise power control, ideal for trolling at the optimum speed. The Comax also features an LED battery level indicator. Suitable for fresh water only.


1. LED Battery Level Indicator
2. Angle-Adjustable & Extendable Steering Handle
3. Forward/Reverse Switch
4. Height & Angle-Adjustable Transom Mount Bracket
5. Mounting Point
6. Step-Less Digital Speed Control
7. Intergrated Hydraulic Trim System , Stainless Steel Shaft
8. 3 Blade Propeller

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