Technique, Timing and Location!

IMG_6895By Daniel Grech

‘Daniel Grech is currently the number one ranked ABT BARRA Tour angler, has had multiple BARRA Tour round wins and top tens and debuted in AFC last year (AFC Series 10) fishing with Gary Clouse for Team BCF.’

It is often said that to be a good leader you don’t need to know the details, you just need to know your goal and how to get there. Tournament fishing isn’t much different, you don’t need to be the most accurate caster or understand the fish’s every movement; you just need to know your goal and how you are going to do it.


If you look at every tournament win in any species in any location, the winning angler had a plan, now I’m sure on that day, there where fisherman

who had faster boats, could fish deep or shallow better or understood the mood of the fish better than the winner, but on that day the winner did everything they had to do to catch, bigger and more fish then every other competitor.

To win a tournament you need to have confidence in your plan, just like a footy team has set plays, tournament winning fisherman have strategiesbased on technique, timing and locations, and to win a tournament you at least need 2 of these 3 things.

IMG_6651Technique can be the hardest to pin point, but can often be the most forgiven. Line size, lure colour/ depth/ action, reel speed, rod size all play a part and having the correct combination will mean that a fisherman can got to any location and catch fish.

Timing can be a fisherman’s best friend or worst nightmare, being in the right place at the right time can be the difference in winning a tournament and coming home with a donut. Tide changes, moon rises and wind changes all create bite times so being sure you’re in the right location when the action starts gives you the best chance of landing fish.

Team Power

Location is often the easiest to determine, once you find a location that holds fish it is often easy

to replicate, not just for other anglers but for yourself allowing you to key in on other similar locations in the area.

Combining a few of these you can see how some of the more popular strategies are developed like ‘Stay and Play’ and ‘Run and Gun’ are created.‘Stay and Play’ is a combination of location and timing, whereby you know the fish are there, you are just waiting for them to bite. ‘Run and Gun’ is a combination of technique and location, where you know how to make this fish bite; you just need to try a lot of places to catch them.

Some people say that to win a fishing tournament you need to have luck on your side, but as the quote states; ‘luck is when preparation meets opportunity’.

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