2017 Getaway Outdoors WA Bream Classic Kayak Series- R1

Shimano Round 1 of the 2017 Getaway Outdoors WA Bream Classic Kayak series kicked off from the Moore River launch location of Silver Creek. This was a switch from the last round in 2016 to the first round in 2017 for Moore River and this would normally present anglers with river that is full and ready to be plundered. Except a few days of summer rain caused the bar at the mouth to break and send what water there was into the ocean, and leave a very empty but very equal playing field.

Loaded with bacon and egg rolls for breakfast and some lunch goodies, 48 Anglers hit the water at 7am to pick their way through the many small fish to try and find three nice bream to bring back to the weigh in.

Making the right decision to head down the front to the mouth for the day was Paul Siemasko weighing in three bream for 1.590kg. Paul pinned his first keeper early and only added two more legals before the day was out, but it was enough to hold off the remaining placegetters in a tightly fought contest.

When asked how the day had gone, Paul replied “it was awesome, very hard work but very satisfying to pick up my first yak win after god knows how many attempts over the years. I headed down the front along with a few of the other lads and we all sort of fished in the same general area around the pontoon. I found a nice little drop-off and just worked that, I was throwing a Strike Pro Smelter in the Ayu colour, and that was getting plenty of action, but just no keepers”.

“So I changed to the Zman 2.5 inch grubs in the Gudgeon colour, rigged on Atomic Seekers in 1/11. I would cast out let it sink and put a couple of short sharp twitches in before letting it sit for about 10 seconds, and they would smack it pretty hard, especially the keepers. The big bream that ended up taking the HOBIE POLARIZED BIG BREAM I got early, and he tried to bury me under the pontoon, and with the wind cranking I had to back pedal like mad just to stop him bricking me, it really was a little bit of chaos but it was great fun and a real highlight to have a fish of that size start off the day, it was going to be fun regardless from then on”.

When asked if he had anything further to add, Paul replied “Yes a big thanks to Strike Pro/Juro, they have supported me for years and they have been fantastic. Then a big thanks to the organisers and all the others anglers for making the 2017 season possible. And last but certainly not least, the chef (Kate) for the great breakfast to start the day”.

Paul used a selection of Ian Miller rods, these were matched to Daiwa Certate reels. Each reel was loaded with 6lb Daiwa TD Sensor Braid, whilst at the business end was FC Rock leader.

In second place and continuing his hot form from 2016 was Shane Owens weighing in three bream for 1.505kg, when asked how the weekend had gone Shane replied “It was great, I headed straight down the front hoping the salt water would get them chewing a bit. I was not quite in the surf but close enough to chat with swimmers and it certainly did not change the bite. I started throwing the Bait Breath Rush Craw retrieving it with some short erratic twitches, and that picked up a few keepers and a bundle of undersize as well”.

“I then changed to Berkley Gulp Worms and Crabbies, and I really just fished them like a baito, cast, wait, watch for bites, it was really frustrating but accounted for heaps of fish, I probably hooked 80 to 100 fish throughout the day. And then in the last couple of hours I lost a cracker, I thought I was snagged on a rock so tried to flik it off when all of a sudden line started peeling, I just got it close enough to the yak to consider grabbing the net when he spat the hook. I was gutted and knew it would be costly. But that’s fishing and it is a great start to the series, so now I can’t wait for round 2”.

When asked if he had anything to add, Shane replied “A big thanks to my sponsors in Gladiator and Tackle HQ, I use the gladiator gear for everything as well as the Gosen braid, and I find it more than capable for the fishing we do, then of course a big thanks to all the other anglers for making the trip, especially when the water levels were looking a bit sad. And last but not least a big thanks to the 2017 series sponsors and to the organisers for putting on another great event”.

Shane used his Gladiator Rods, being the Cyborg 7’2 and also the Elite Industries. Shane matched his rods to Daiwa Certate and Freams reels, these were loaded with Gosen Tournament Braid in 14lb, whilst at the business end was Nitlon leader in 4lb or 6lb.

In third place and also a regular on the podium was Joseph Gardner weighing in three bream for 1.355kg, and when asked how the day had gone Jo replied “I headed down the front with the other guys that all seemed to be in the top 5, and we just plundered the area trying to weed though the undersize fish until the bigger ones made a mistake. I found they certainly chewed better when the tide started coming in and the bream got a sniff of the salt water, but I probably netted 15 to 20 keepers throughout the day so the hardest part was probably working out the upgrades”.

“I was chucking plastics all day and rotated through as many as I could to keep the bite going. They would hit hard especially after a long pause, which is different to what I am used to, but in the end to make the top three and catch a few good fish was a great start to the year”.

When asked if he had anything to add “A big thanks to JML/Ecogear for all the support they have been giving me for a last few years it is greatly appreciated, a big thanks to all the sponsors, organisers and of course the other anglers for making the effort. Also a big congratulations to my mum for making the top 10 and knocking off some seasoned anglers, awesome effort”.

Joseph used JML Perfection Accurate Presentation and JML Sensation Kayak Special rods, these were matched to Daiwa Luvias Reels, these were loaded with Yamatoyo Jigging braid, whilst at the business of each was 4lb Yamatoyo Harris Fighter.

Thanks to everyone for making the event the success it was, we look forward to seeing you in the next Kayak Classic event on 21st May 2017, or at the next Boat Classic event on 12 March 2017.

A big thanks to all the 2017 series sponsors: Getaway Outdoors, Frogleys Offshore, Shimano, Tackle Tactics, Mako, Platypus, JML Anglers Alliance, Halco, Gladiator, Watersnake/Jarvis Walker, Whiteys Tackle, Albany Tackle and Rods, TheLurePro.com.au, Tackle HQ and 2017 BIG BREAM Sponsor HOBIE POLARIZED.

See you at the next round.


1 Paul Siemaszko   3 1.590   1.590 0.835
2 Shane Owens   3 1.505   1.505 0.600
3 Joseph Gardner   3 1.355   1.355 0.635
4 Mirek Soucek   3 1.310   1.310 0.535
5 Alex Greisdorf   3 1.290   1.290 0.575
6 Ben Oakes   3 1.170   1.170 0.575
7 Sean Higgins   3 1.080   1.080 0.485
8 Jenny Gardner   3 1.060   1.060 0.430
9 Joe Franco   3 1.050   1.050 0.575
10 Adrian Hicks   3 0.970   0.970 0.370
11 Andy Mitchell   3 0.950   0.950 0.415
12 Brad Gange   2 0.925   0.925 0.500
13 Tom Harders   3 0.890   0.890  
14 Szarn Tink   2 0.785   0.785  
15 David Wallace   3 0.775   0.775  
16 Jesse Choy   2 0.645   0.645  
17 Matt McCarthy   2 0.630   0.630  
18 Robert Cockshutt   2 0.585   0.585  
19 Josh Sayers   2 0.560   0.560  
20 Massimo Salomone   2 0.535   0.535  
21 Hamish McNabb   2 0.510   0.510  
22 Hudson Kent   2 0.510   0.510  
23 Brendan Gow   2 0.500   0.500  
24 Matt Williams   1 0.400   0.400  
25 Brad Patman   1 0.370   0.370  
26 Graeme Kovacevich   1 0.350   0.350  
27 Darren Meeson   1 0.300   0.300  
28 Brendon Knowles   1 0.270   0.270  
29 Pat Stanton   1 0.260   0.260  
30 Robert Peach   1 0.255   0.255  
31 John Sorrell   1 0.255   0.255  
32 Stu May   1 0.245   0.245  
33 Ian Abercromby   1 0.225   0.225  
34 Mark Firth   0 0.000   0.000  
35 Stuart McCarthy   0 0.000   0.000  
36 Steve Yarwood   0 0.000   0.000  
37 Darryl Stanton   0 0.000   0.000  
38 Didier Blanquart   0 0.000   0.000  
39 Steve Owens   0 0.000   0.000  
40 Jeff Corkill   0 0.000   0.000  
41 Craig Leatt-Hayter   0 0.000   0.000  
42 Robert Sgambelluri   0 0.000   0.000  
43 Michelle Pardini   0 0.000   0.000  
44 Lisa Sandling   0 0.000   0.000  
45 Brett Dowsett   0 0.000   0.000  
46 Wayne Burleigh   0 0.000   0.000  
47 Carlo Rossi   0 0.000   0.000  
48 Jon Field   0 0.000   0.000  

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