Atomic WA Bream Classic Boat Series Getaway Outdoors Rnd 1

Atomic WA Bream Classic Boat Series Getaway Outdoors Rnd 1 kicked off in near perfect conditions from the Bayswater Scout Club, located on the Swan River. The 25 teams were greeted with overcast conditions and light wind to start the day, with most teams hopeful of getting amongst it before the afternoon arrival of thunder, lightning and lots of rain.  

Making the most of all the early conditions and in the closest finish in WA Bream Classic history was Team Lowrance/Tackle Tactics Alex Griesdorf and Jack Dawson, weighing in four bream for 2.850kg, That had them in equal first with the count back to be on the weight of their bags largest bream, which dragged the scales down to 910 grams and finish a mere 10 grams ahead of Team Gladiator/Tackle HQ.

When asked how the day had gone Alex replied “Really good, we had a plan to target the various flats around the Swan River and see how that went, we were onto the fish pretty early and probably bagged out in the first 30 minutes on ZMan grubs, although the size was looking a bit dismal. We continued in the same area for most of the morning, catching plenty of legals but not really increasing the weight of our bag as much as we would have liked”.  

So as time was starting to get away from us we made the move to head across to the Canning River, and within an hour or so we managed a few upgrades as well as putting an anchor fish in the well. So things were certainly looking better than the morning, and the move to the Canning was certainly a game changer for us”.

“We fished with Daiwa Battler and Duff rods and these were matched to a few Daiwa reels. All day we stuck with ZMan grubs in Motor oil or Bloodworm, and used TT Headlockz in 1/16 and 1/12, which worked great as we did try to fish some of the windier areas. The retrieve was pretty simple, a slow roll with little twitches thrown in, and the key was to keep it moving. Our leader of choice was Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 6lb and I also fished one reel with 3lb fluorocarbon straight through. I did hook one good fish on the 3lb outfit and Jack started giving me grief as to the time I was taking to get the fish to the boat, I said I was using 3lb fluro and that still didn’t stop him hassling me. I also made good use of my sounder is a Lowrance HDS Gen 3 unit with side and 3D sonar, it really helped with today’s conditions”.

Alex and Jack thanked their 2017 sponsors in Lowrance, Tackle Tactics and Daiwa for all the help they have given the coming into the 2017 season. Also a big thanks to the major sponsors in Atomic and Getaway Outdoors and also to the rest of the 2017 series sponsors, and of course a big thanks to the organisers for a great event to start the 2017 season”.

In second place and only missing the top spot by 10 grams in a count back were Team Galdiator/Tackle HQs Shane and Steve Owens weighing in four bream for 2.850kg, regulars on the podium for a number of seasons all eyes were on the scales to watch their bag equal first place only to watch their 900 gram anchor fish fall agonisingly short of claiming victory for the team.  

When asked how the day had gone Shane replied, “It went really well, along with about a dozen other boats we made the decision to head around to the Canning River and target quite a few areas that have produced well for us in the past and especially pre-fish. Most of the consistent action for us came past the Mount Henry Bridge fishing with myself throwing Gladiator Bingo whilst Dad threw grubs, and we were going nearly a fish every cast for at least the first four hours so it was certainly the right move and really good fun. The most frustrating part was that were a lot of smaller bream so we just had to weed through them with a better one coming every 30 minutes or so. I hooked our 38cm in the middle of the day with Dad adding a nice 36cm to the bag, so it was a really fun day out”.

Shane and Steve both fished with their range of Gladiator Rods, being the Cyborg 7’2 and also the Elite Industries. Shane matched his rods to Daiwa Certate and Freams reels, these were loaded with Gosen Tournament Braid in 14lb, whilst at the business end was Nitlon leader in 4lb or 6lb. Steve used Sunline and TD Sensor on his reels.

When asked if they had anyone to thank, Shane replied “The guys at Gladiator and Tackle HQ are fantastic, Gladiator has a great range of gear that doesn’t kill the bank and Tackle HQ have one of the best lure ranges going. Then of course Getaway Outdoors and Atomic and all the 2017 sponsors for making the whole series possible, then of course the WA Bream Classics organisers for another fantastic start to the season”.

In third place and expected to keep Team Lowrance and Team Gladiator on their toes for the 2017 season was Team Beavis and Buttheads Mitch Vane and Joseph Gardner holding the early lead of four bream for 2.760kg. The bag also included the HOBIE POLARIZED Big bream for the day which dragged the scales down to 970 grams, and easily account for the rest of the teams anchor fish.

When asked how they went for the day Joseph replied, “It was a good day, we did a bit of a prefish as you do but we probably did better today, we were fishing a mixture of plastics including a few custom colours and prototypes, and the good old Cranka Crab also produced the goods for us. We tried to target various flats and some of the good snags that litter the river on the way downstream.

When asked who he wanted to thank, Joseph replied “without doubt the organisers for putting on another great event, and of course Kate for all the cooked breakfasts throughout the year, especially for braving those winter comps. Then of course the series sponsors, especially the major sponsors in Atomic and Getaway Outdoors who are a great supporter of bream fishing. Then of course my sponsor JML Anglers Alliance for all the assistance they provide me with each tournament year and then of course Cranka whose crabs worked a treat today for Mitch”.

Also a special mention goes to Mitch’s little support team in Flynn and Alisha Morrison for bringing down their awesome “GO MITCH” signs and braving the shocking weather on display, awesome effort.

Joseph used JML Perfection Accurate Presentation and JML Sensation Kayak Special rods, these were matched to Daiwa Luvias Reels, of which were re-spooled the night before with new Yamatoyo Jigging braid, whilst at the business of each was the ever popular Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in various strains but more so in 6lb.

Mitch only needed the one combo for the day being a 13 fishing Envy, matched to Shimano Sustain reel, loaded with 6lb braid whilst his leader of choice was also Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 6lb.

The HOBIE POLARIZED BIG BREAM was also taken out by Team Beavis and Butthead’s Joseph Gardner measuring a healthy 40cm, that dragged the scales down to 970 grams and eclipse the four other 900 gram plus bream weighed in by other teams.  

The Atomic WA Bream Classic would not be possible without the fantastic support of the tackle industry. A very big thanks goes to Atomic/Samurai from Frogleys Offshore for being the 2017 series sponsors, as well as all our other sponsors suchas Getaway Outdoors, Tackle Tactics, JML Anglers Alliance, Mako Sunglasses, Gladiator, EJ Todd and Son, Watersnake, Platypus, Shimano, Halco, Bluewater Tackle, Albany Rods and Tackle, The and Tackle HQ. And last but certainly not least Granny’s Pies for all the dozen lamingtons loaded onto each boat to keep the teams happy throughout the day.

The next WA Bream Classic event is the Shimano Round 2 which will be held in Mandurah on the 15th of October, check out in the WA Bream Classics forum or the WA Bream Classics facebook page for more information.

The first week in April will see the two qualifiers for the ABT national series, for more information on this action packed week of fishing go to

Place TEAM Skipper Co-Angler TAG IN FISH CAUGHT WEIGHT Big Bream
1 Lowrance / Tackle Tactics Alex Griesdorf Jack Dawson   4 2.850 0.910
2 Gladiator / Tackle HQ Shane Owens Steve Owens   4 2.850 0.900
3 Beavis and Butthead Mitch Vane Joseph Gardner   4 2.760 0.970
4 Unlucky Ryan Garth David Bailey   4 2.640 0.845
5 Keen Shardi Biahgi Paul Furlong   4 2.455 0.765
6 Savage Szarn Tink Graeme Kovacevich   4 2.440 0.915
7 Breammaster Geoff Spadacinni Nathan Jones   4 2.285 0.810
8 Lucky Last Cast Mathew Jeffrey Brendan Madaus   4 2.280 0.800
9 DJILBA Nigel Kelly Stephen Dimmer   4 2.145 0.835
10 Prime Time Josh McAlindon Dom Cera   4 2.020 0.670
11 Bream & Tonic Ryan Wainwright Dean Wainwright   4 1.860 0.555
12 Prostrike Paul Siemazko Carey Nolan   4 1.860 0.535
13 Purple Ducks Leigh Barrett Brendon Harkness   4 1.805 0.915
14 Team Hack Michael Sammut Mitchell Clements   4 1.700  
15 Ecogear/JML Kim McIntyre Ben Scott   4 1.595 0.580
16 Blue Lip Skippin Tom Harders Blake Coomber   4 1.535 0.590
17 Nomad Tackle Brendan Chua Mark De Cruz   4 1.265 0.400
18 Shimano Nathan Walsh Tom Schuiling   4 1.255  
19 Tackleworld / Samurai Joe Franco Thys McCarthy   3 1.150  
20 Searing Tackle Dror Pietsch Jesse Choy   3 0.940  
21 Bream Machines Chris Hill Hamish McNabb   1 0.460  
22 Anchor Management Brett Dowsett Ben Gooch   1 0.320  
23 Two Old Foxes Darryl Stanton Didier Blanquart   0 0.000  
24 Phenix Rods Suzie Siranovic Jenny Gardner   0 0.000  
25 Angla Pro Simon Marwick Mitchel Drew   0 0.000  
          80 40.47  

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