ePropulsion BASS Electric Series- R2 Lenthalls Dam

Round two of the ePropulsion BASS Electric Series saw anglers head north after round one at Clarrie Hall Dam with 21 anglers hitting Lenthalls Dam for the second stop of the 2017 series.


Conditions proved trying for competitors with 15 bass hitting the scales for a total weight of 12.73kg. Here’s the run down on the top five anglers and how they caught their fish.

5th– Shaun Falkenhagen (2/4, 1.48kg)

Shaun caught all his fish in the second session on Sunday morning.

“Saturday afternoon we fished the left hand arm with no luck, we noticed the water colour was stained and decided late to have a look at the main basin where the water was much better. With this in mind Sunday morning we started in the middle arm and proceeded to cast reaction style lures to the weed edges. We came across a flat in 15ft of water that was holding a small school and we filled our bag presenting a dressed blade to the fish. The school shut down so we headed further up the arm and as we sounded along the creek bed we noticed fish suspending at 12ft and we threw the same reaction bait to catch a few more upgrades”, explained Shaun. The gear he used was an Edge ISR703 spin rod with 12lb Toray Super Strong and 10lb Toray Super Hard leader.

4th– Brady Ellis (1/4, 1.49kg) 

Brady fished shallow tapered, bare banks all weekend to catch his fish.

“I was looking for those resident fish that were holding on banks, and I caught them on a beetle spin rigged Jackall TN60 retrieved quite fast and boated about 10 undersize bass. I used a Phoenix 7ft casting rod matched with a Daiwa Alphas reel spooled with 6lb braid and 12lb Yamatoyo leader. I caught my only legal fish on the same snag I caught a fish on during the prefish. I’m confident that it was the same fish because it had the same red markings”, explained Brady.

3rd– Matt Johnson (2/4, 1.51kg)

Like his angling partner Shaun Falkenhagen, Matt caught his fish in session two.

“Shaun and I fished a shallow point in the middle arm which had odd patches of weed and structure and schooled up fish sitting in 10-14ft of water. The lure I used was a horsey rig, and I made long casts then burned and killed the lure back through the school”, explained Matt.

Matt’s gear selection included a gold and black 3/8oz NeXgen Blade rigged on a gold beetle spin, aka horsey rig. He fish this on a Barrabass XSB822 spin rod matched to a 2000 Daiwa Fuego reel, spooled with 10lb Power Pro braid and 10lb Sunline Shooter leader. 

“I caught approximately six fish for the session, upgrading once. Thanks to Brad Clark from Barrabass Rods, Shaun for having me in the boat and Sue and Les Barber for running the event”, concluded Matt.

2nd– Tim Takao Nagano (1/4, 1.52kg)

Tim Nagano claimed second at Lenthalls thanks to a cracking bass in session one.

“I fished a drop off on one of the channel entrances in the left arm of the lake. I made long searching casts with a slow retrieve, and it was as my 10 gram Halco slug passed the edge of the drop off that the fish bit”, explained Tim.

Tim’s tackle selection included a Palms Molla MSGC-62MLXXF rod teamed with a Shimano Aldebaran 51HG reel, spooled with 15lb Toray Lure PE and l2lb was Seaguar R18BASS leader.

1st– Charles West (4/4, 3.83kg), + Big Bass (1.83kg)

The only angler to catch their full limit for the tournament, Charles West claimed his 5th BASS Electric event win with victory at Lenthalls. Fishing with Adrian Wilson for the event, West and Wilson focused their efforts on two weed beds located on the middle arm of the lake.

“This was where we found the best concentrations of fish during the prefish. We found fish suspended in 10-15ft of water out from the weed bed and used silent Jackall TN60s worked vertically with small lifts and pauses. Some of the bites where yellowbelly but we could see more solid fish on the HDS 12 and we were confident that they were bass. My kicker fish each session came from this spot and technique. We also fished our way along one of the main weedbeds, and we caught a few smaller bass burning our TNs across the top of the flooded weed”.


“The burning technique was a thought from another dam I fish and my thinking was that a barra wouldn’t hit a fast moving bait. While it played out that way during the event, there’s no way it would be the same next time”.

West threw his Jackalls on a 13 Fishing medium light spin rod and 13 Fishing Creed GT reel, spooled with 12lb Sunline Castaway PE and 12lb Gamma fluorocarbon leader.

“It was windy at times during the tournament, so using a spin outfit helped make it hassle free. A shout out to my fishing partner Adrian Wilson for a great weekend, and a shout out to my sponsors (13 Fishing Australia, Haswing Marine Australia, Dogtooth destitutions, Versus Meiho Australia and Pros Factory) who help me out throughout the year, thank you all very much. Also a big thank you to Les and Sure Barber for running an excellent event”, said West.

With Lenthalls done and dusted attention now turns to round three with the series heading south to Toonumbar Dam for a two day event, April 8/9th. With the recent rain in the region it will be interesting to see what the bass gods put on for us. See you all there.


Charles West.


Place Name Fish Weight (kg)
1 Charles West 4 3.83
2 Tim Nagano 1 1.52
3 Matt Johnson 1 1.51
4 Brady Ellis 1 1.49
5 Shaun Falkenhagen 1 1.48
6 Dean Thompson 2 1.19
7 Peter Bostock 1 0.68
8 Adrian Wilson 1 0.61
9 Justin Thompson 1 0.52
10 Robert Butler    
10 Less Barber    
10 Michael Rowswell    
10 Paul McHugh    
10 Tom Reynolds    
10 Jonathon Bale    
10 Steve McLean    
10 Scott Bryant    
10 Aaron Kemp    
10 Glen Swanson    
10 Nathan Swanson    

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