Verado 300 now also available in White

Verado Cold Fusion White 2In addition to standard Phantom Black, Mercury Marine will now offer 300hp Verado outboards in two shades of white – Cold Fusion and Warm Fusion.

Of course, boat owners have always had the ability to customise their engine or boat, but now they have the choice of buying a factory manufactured colour, which is much better option.

“The benefit is that the two white options for the 300 hp Verado are fully validated by Mercury Marine and are fully supported by our standard warranty,” Nicholas Webb Director of Outboard Product ANZP Brunswick Asia Pacific Group said.

Mercury’s advanced Paint System is engineered and designed specifically for the marine environment. The Mercury paint process provides superior bonding to engineered polymers

and metals through multiple coatings. A combination of manual and robotic paint applications yields an outstanding deep colour finish, and multiple base and clear coatings provide a long-lasting finish in even the

Verado Cold Fusion White

harshest of marine environments.


Mercury tested its Cold Fusion White and Warm Fusion White paints for superior durability. Rigorous in-house lab tests were performed to Mercury standards developed from 75 years of experience in the marine industry. Mercury then tested the long-term durability of the finish in thelab, followed by outdoor endurance testing at the Mercury Marine Environmental Test

Center in Florida USA.

This means that white Verados, just like the blacks, enjoy Mercury’s outstanding 3+2=5 year warranty for recreational use.

These new white Verado 300hp models are initially special factory order only models and attract a price premium to the current standard model.  The white option is available for all 300hp Verado outboards variants, except for the Pro FourStroke and CCT models.

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