Yamaha Introduces New Four Stroke Models

F175AETX_S_N_PobYamaha Motor Australia is thrilled to announce the release of two new models in Australia, the all new F175A and F115B. The new F175 is an important addition to Yamaha’s product line up and fills a gap in the current range of inline four-cylinder outboards. The all-new F115B will replace the existing F115A, a motor already considered to be class leading. The upgrade of an already top selling motor along with the introduction of a whole new horsepower category is a good illustration of the depth and quality of the four-stroke product line up Yamaha is offering Australian customers.


The new F175A is a long awaited motor that fills the gap between Yamaha’s powerful F150A and the recently released and hugely popular four-cylinder F200. The F175 is based on the award winning 2.8L F200 platform, sharing the same displacement and four-cylinder, 16-valve Double Overhead Camshaft design.


The new outboard not only offers the utmost in weight saving innovation, it packs in plenty of performance.  Like the 2.8-litre F200, the F175A is highly responsive, with a sophisticated valve train design that’s been proven by millions of hours of use.


The F175 also uses a single-throttle intake valve that both reduces weight and increases efficiency. A knock sensor allows the engine to run at peak efficiency and performance at high RPM regardless of the conditions.



With electrical output of 50 AMPS, the F175 provides plenty of power to keep up with today’s electronic accessories and is compatible with Yamaha’s Command Linkgauges and hardware, as well as the Y-COP® theft deterrent system. The outboard also includes Yamaha’s Variable Trolling function when fitted with Yamaha’s Command Link gauges.


The F175 is compatible with Yamaha’s Shift Dampening System (SDS) range of propellers. This system utilises a splined rubber hub designed to absorb the force created when an outboard is shifted into gear. The result is smooth, virtually noise free shifting in and out of gear for greater durability and more pleasant operation.


F115BETL_W_N_PobThe F175 is mechanically controlled for ease of use in both new boat and repower applications.

The introduction of the new F115B is very exciting for both Yamaha and the Australian market as a whole. The 115 horsepower engine category is very popular among Australian boaters and powers a diverse range of boats, from serious offshore fishing set ups to weekend ski boats and everything in between.

The new F115B is not only powerful and compact, but is now also the lightest outboard in the four-stroke class.


At 171Kg, the new F115B is 15Kg lighter than the previous generation F115A and 11Kg lighter than the nearest four stroke competitor. Weight savings are derived from a variety of new materials, such as a composite cowling, a single ram power trim and tilt mechanism, and a new lightweight mounting bracket.


The F115B provides increased cubic capacity, which now measures 1.8 litres. The outboard’s Double-Overhead Cam (DOHC) four-cylinder design now has larger intake and exhaust valves for easier breathing, more power and better midrange torque. The compression ratio has been increased, and so has the full-throttle RPM range – now up to 6,300 RPM. A knock sensor allows the engine to operate reliably at peak output. The result is great response throughout the RPM range and terrific acceleration.


The new F115 model is mechanically controlled and compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link gauges and hardware as well as the Y-COP theft deterrent system. The outboard also includes Yamaha’s Variable Trolling function when fitted with Yamaha’s Command Link gauges or Multi-function Tiller Handle.


The new F175A will be available from April 2014. The new F115B will be available from the beginning of May.


For more information visit www.yamaha-motor.com.au



F115B F175A
Model name F115LB, F115XB, LF115XB F175LA, F175XA
Shaft length L, X L, X
Dry weight L: 171kg, X: 176kg (dry, no prop weight) L: 219kg, X: 220kg (dry, no prop weight)
Engine type Four-Stroke, 16-Valve, DOHC, In-line 4 Four-Stroke, 16-Valve, DOHC, In-line 4
Displacement 1832cc 2785cc
Bore × stroke 81.0 × 88.9 96 x 96.2
Compression ratio 10:1 10.3:1
Full throttle operating range 5300-6300 rpm 5000-6000 rpm
Fuel induction system Electronic fuel injection Electronic fuel injection
Engine oil capacity 3.2 L/3.0 L *with/without oil filter exchange 4.5 L/4.3 L *with/without oil filter exchange
Ignition system TCI Microcomputer TCI Microcomputer
Alternator 35 Amp (Battery charge: 28 Amp) 50 Amp (Battery charge: 42 Amp)
Cooling system Raw-water, thermostatically controlled Raw-water, thermostatically controlled
Exhaust system Through propeller hub Through propeller hub
Emission rating 3 Star Ultra Low Emission 3 Star Ultra Low Emission
Recommended fuel Regular unleaded Regular unleaded
Warranty 4 Years Recreational (conditional) 4 Years Recreational (conditional)


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