ePropulsion BASS Electric Series- Borumba Results

How the West Was Won

The Borumba round of the ABT BASS Electric series proved to be a tough round with 34 legal bass being weighed in but there were some quality in amongst them. Event winner Charles West caught his limit each day to compile a 4.05kg 4/4 bag. He also claimed big bass with a 1.60kg fish.

During his pre fish, Charles cracked a pattern and fished it for the weekend. He fished soft plastics on 1/2oz jigheads for a deep bite. Fishing an area at the mouth of Yabba Creek he rotated between plastics and Ecogear ZX blades to compile a day 1 bag of 2.45kg. His big bass of 1.60kg was his kicker fish. 

Charles returned to the mouth of Yabba Creek on day 2 but the bass weren’t there in any number so he moved further upstream to a secondary school found during an earlier pre fish by his boat mate Michael. These bass were very skittish and after a couple were caught dispersed. Charles then spot hopped back to his original day 1 spot to compile his day 2 bag of 1.60kg. Charles was feeling apprehensive on his way back to the weigh in, thinking he might not have enough to retain his lead but this proved to not be the case and was very happy with his win. 

His tackle consisted of 13 fishing envy black medium light spin rods with Daiwa Steez reel, Fate chrome medium light rod with Creed K reel, and Envy Black medium light baitcaster with Concept KP reel.

Mick’s Magic for Second

Michael Rowswell, fishing his first ever BASS Electric Series and his first competition at Borumba came in second place with a 3/4 3.64kg bag. 

Having never fished Borumba before he chose to pre fish a couple of weeks earlier to familiarize himself with the dam and hopefully find some schools of bass. He explored the upper reaches of Yabba Creek and found a school of bass he would hope was still there come comp day.

The shared boating format of the ABT BASS Electric Series and the motto “who shares wins” proved an asset to Michael who was fortunate enough to be fishing with Charles West. 

Using Nories Inlet Shads in real baby ayu, ghost shirauo and real wakasagi in conjunction with the new Legit rods, he compiled a day 1 bag of 2/2  2.42kg anchored by a 1.57kg kicker fish. This was enough to put him in 2nd place, a position he kept after weighing in 1/2 1.22kg on day 2.

Michael’s tackle section included 7′ Phantom custom spin 6-12lb rod matched to a 2016 Daiwa certate 2508PE, 7′ Phantom custom spin 4-10lb rod matched to a 2012 Daiwa Luvius reel, and a Legit Design WSC 73ml baitcaster rod and a a Daiwa tatula HD 200H. He used a Nories wrapping minnow in colour S-44 to upgrade.

Kemp Cashes in for Third

Aaron Kemp rounded out the top three with a 3/4  3.33kg total weight. Aaron put a fair bit of effort into his preparation  leading up to this competition. His goal of coming first was firmly in his sights.

Aaron pre fished the junction area where Yabba Creek and Kingham Creek converged thinking that this was the prime area.

On the first day he used two techniques to compile his day 1 bag of 2/2 1.81kg. Slow rolling Shads 3″ rib candy in silver streak and slow hopping Shad mini candys( vibe) in hot spot proved productive. His day 1 bag had him within striking distance of the number 1 spot at 3rd. 

Day 2 he returned to his productive spot but the bass had moved on so Aaron adapted and started to fish the edges. Slow rolling his plastic out from the weed caught him his only legal for the day. The rest of his time was spent trying to keep his bass alive. A big thank you goes out to Dean Thomson and Brady Ellis who stopped fishing to help out a fellow angler. Fortunately for Aaron the time spent caring for his bass paid dividends because it weighed 1.52kg, the single heaviest bass for day 2. This bass cemeted his third position and his best result to date.

Thank you to all competitors for making this an enjoyable albeit tough competition.

Place Angler Fish Weight Big Bass
1 Charles West 4 4.05 1.6
2 Michael Rowsell 3 3.64  
3 Aaron Kemp 3 3.33  
4 Tom Reynolds 4 3.26  
5 Tim Nagano 2 2.45  
6 Trent Blake 3 2.13  
7 Brett Kleinschmidt 3 1.99  
8 Dean Thomson 3 1.77  
9 Brady Ellis 2 1.62  
10 Nathan Swanson 2 1.25  
11 Matthew Flynn 1 1.23  
12 Craig Atta-Singh 1 1.13  
13 Sean Connelly 2 1.12  
14 Bob Butler 1 1.06  
15 Les Barber      
15 Sue Barber      
15 Peter Bostock      
15 Justin Thompson      
15 Jono Bale      

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