Getaway Outdoors WA Bream Kayak Classic Series- Round 3 Results

Atomic Round 3 of the Getaway Outdoors WA Bream Kayak Classic series kicked off in stunning winter conditions from River Resort on the Murray River – Mandurah. Anglers had very little wind to contend with but just enough to take the glass off the water, their only problem would be how the bite would play out after a recent fish kill affected the tournament arena. With tournament officials seeking official approvals the all clear was given for anglers to hit the water to find their biggest three bream for the day.

Taking top honours for the day and proving quality and not quantity can still pay off, was Jesse Choy weighing in two bream for 1.630kg, to take the win in a countback, where Jesse’s Hobie Polarised Big Bream of 940 grams carried him to victory.

When asked how he went for the day, Jesse replied “I had a pretty good prefish a few weeks back, and caught some good fish in a number of locations. I tried to pick an area that would be less affected due to recent events where I would be confident of getting a biter, so I headed upriver past Murray bend and targeted the area around the boat pens, the water seemed pretty clean so I started with a real long leader around the 4-5m mark”.

“But it was a really slow day, I picked up my first keeper around the 35cm mark at about 11am, so I thought here we go they are going to start chewing. But it really didn’t pan out like that, I had a few knocks and bumps but nothing to get the drag cranking. I was throwing 2” Fish Arrow J Shads on a 1/50 jig head and finally about 12pm I hooked into what felt like a reasonable fish, he certainly felt bigger than the 35 I had already boated. Once I had him in the net, and saw that he measured up around 38cm I was pretty happy”.

“I really started to put the head down as I needed that final fish to complete my bag, and give me the first serious chance in a while of taking a win, but with only two fish I thought I’d be lucky to make the top 5. I had a decent crack but could not find another keeper, so to get a win with two fish is awesome especially on a count back from my very good mate Massimo”

“I would cast the J Shad out let it sink, which would take a while and give it a few shakes on the drop, it was enough to tempt the two bites that I managed to make stick”.

Jesse fished Shimano Zodias rods that were each matched to a Shimano Sustain 1000 reel. Each reel was loaded with Sunline Super 8 in 6lb, whilst at the business end was 4-5m Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 3lb.

Jesse thanked his sponsor Searing Tackle for all the tackle they help out with throughout the season, especially the J Shads that picked up his keepers today, including big bream. He also thanked the Classic organisers, and Getaway Outdoors.

In second place and only missing top spot by count back was Massimo Salamone weighing in three keepers for 1.630kg. When asked how the day went Massimo relied “it was a great day, as per normal I headed upstream with our usual posse, and we had a great day. I tried to target the deeper snags in the area with Dragon Maggots in Motor Oil/Black Fleck, which I would try and impart an erratic twitch with long pauses to get the bites, this was rigged on a 1/24 nitro jig head”.

“It took a little while but I probably had two keepers early in the first couple of hours, followed another keeper about 30 minutes later. It was a pretty good feeling to have three in the well, but it would be some upgrades that would make the difference. I hit my first upgrade about 12pm which was not long before we made the move back down towards the start, I was pretty happy with my bag and much like Jesse I thought it would fall short of what would be required to push for the podium. Then about 20 minutes to go I got a great upgrade about 50 metres from the start, and without that there was no way I would even be in contention”.

“I was using 3m plus leader of Yamatoyo Harris fighter in 3lb, which really is a great leader and gives me a lot of confidence in the nasty stuff”.

Massimo used a Xesta solid tip rod, matched to a Megabass Gaus 20 reel, this was loaded with Sunline castaway in 8lb. Massimo also used the FG knot which has certainly become popular amongst a lot of breamers.

When asked who he wanted to thank Massimo replied “the guys at look after me a lot, so if you need any fishing gear, check them out, then of course all the Classic guys for another really great event and then all the great sponsors that give such great support to W.A”.

In third place and on this rate of improvement, could really give the grand final a shake was Brendon Knowles weighing in three bream for 1.540kg. When asked how his day had gone Brendon replied “It was a great day out, I prefished a few spots and they were all good. The canals seemed to be performing better than some other areas, so I made the move to head downstream”.

“I made the decision to fish Ecogear Bream Prawns in the King Prawn colour, and unweighted as well. I was using the decoys as per Jo Gardner. I had a tap on the first cast so just plugged away. I picked up keepers every hour or so throughout the day from about 9am. I was targeting the shady side of boat hulls, and putting about three casts in each spot trying to work each depth, and it really paid off with a nice bag”.

“A big thanks to the guys who I prefished with, Jon Field and also Paul Burton, he who shares wins and I’m certainly learning plenty, also to my kids who put up with my fanaticism around chasing bream, I drag them everywhere and they really don’t complain that much. Then of course the organiser, sponsors and the classic tuys for a great event”.

Brendon used NS Blackhole One rods 7ft in 1-3kg, these were matched Daiwa reels that were all loaded with Sunline castaway in 10lb. Whilst at the business end was Black Rock Fluro in 4lb.

Round 4 will be held on the Collie River on the 13th of August and the Classic organizers look forward to seeing a strong field for this last round before the Grand Final which will be held in conjunction with the Perth International Boat Show at the Perth convention centre and Elizabeth Quay on the 23rd and 24th of September. For more information on the next round head to or

As always The WA Bream Classic crew would like to thank all of the participants as well as the sponsors, all of whom support the events and without their support there would be no events so thanks again to all of the competitors and the sponsors.

Thank you to the following Getaway Outdoors, Atomic, Hobie Polarised, JML Anglers Alliance, Yamatoyo, Samurai Fishing Rods, Watersanke, Ecogear, Dragon, Gosen, Gamakatsu, Platypus Fishing lines, Tackle Tactics, Quantum, Mustad, Mako Eyewear, Shimano, Grannys Pies and Pastries, Halco, Z-Man and Bait Breath.


1 Jesse Choy   2 1.630   1.630 0.940
2 Massimo Salomone   3 1.630   1.630  
3 Brendon Knowles   3 1.540   1.540  
4 Brad Gange   3 1.425   1.425  
5 Suzie Siranovic   3 1.395   1.395 0.560
6 Brad Patman   3 1.305   1.305 0.715
7 Darren Meeson   2 1.210   1.210  
8 Joseph Gardner   2 1.160   1.160 0.660
9 Alex Greisdorf   2 0.985   0.985 0.685
10 Jenny Gardner   1 0.880   0.880  
11 Hudson Kent   1 0.865   0.865  
12 Hamish McNabb   2 0.785   0.785  
13 Sean Higgins   2 0.785   0.785  
14 Joe Franco   2 0.705   0.705  
15 Geoff Spadaccini   1 0.675   0.675 0.675
16 Robert Cockshutt   1 0.530   0.530  
17 John Sorrell   1 0.480   0.480  
18 Shane Owens   1 0.465   0.465  
19 Didier Blanquart   1 0.440   0.440  
20 Eric Chong   1 0.305   0.305  
21 Graeme Kovacevich   1 0.285   0.285  
22 Kim McIntyre   1 0.285   0.285  
23 Ben Oakes   1 0.660 -0.400 0.260  
24 Mark Firth   0 0.000   0.000  
25 Steve Owens   0 0.000   0.000  
26 Stu May   0 0.000   0.000  
27 Robert Sgambelluri   0 0.000   0.000  
28 Michelle Pardini   0 0.000   0.000  
29 Jon Field   0 0.000   0.000  
30 Dave Wallace   0 0.000   0.000  
31 Stuart McCarthy   0 0.000   0.000  
32 Rene van Doorn   0 0.000   0.000  
33 Andy Mitchell   0 0.000   0.000 0.000
34 Lionel Mundri   0 0.000   0.000 0.000
35 Paul Siemaszko   0 0.000   0.000 0.000
36 Robert Peach   0 0.000   0.000  
37 Tom Harders   0 0.000   0.000  
38 Matt McCarthy   0 0.000   0.000  
39 Colin Peasey   0 0.000   0.000  
40 Brett Dowsett   0 0.000   0.000 0.000
41           0.000  

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