ePropulsion BASS Electric Series- R3 Toonumbar (22/23rd July)

Charles West has taken out the Toonumbar Dam two day event in cold conditions, with the dirty water playing with many anglers minds but it didn’t take Charles long to work out a pattern. Using a 1/6th TT jighead which he paired up with a pumpkin seed coloured Gulp using a 7′ 13 Fishing rod and a Dawia Certate reel West cast to small weed pockets around the bank and also around the water hyacinth that was washed into the system after the recent floods. Charles brought 4 fish to the scales for the two sessions to pip local angler Joe Urquhart out of top spot.

Joe used a simular approach but headed up the creek to where the water was cleaner using a 1/8 jig head on a Keith 3″ soft plastic in natural colours to catch his fish each day with the event’s Big Bass coming in 1 ft of water. Joe used an Edge Black Widow 701 rod matched to a Dawia Gen Black reel.

3rd place was Pete Bostock fishing in the same area as Charles and Joe with plastics being his go-to baits. 

A big thanks to Kyogle Fishing Club for the shed for the weekend and if you haven’t been to Toonumbar for a while there is no more dirt road to the dam, thanks to everyone for showing up it was a awesome weekend.



Full story to follow soon.

1st   Charles West   4/4   2.504kg   

2nd  Joe Urquhart   4/4   2.498kg    BB    .906kg 

3rd   Pete Bostock   4/4   2.395kg

4th   Craig Aha-Singh   4/4   2.373kg 

5th   Adrian Wilson  4/4   2.314kg

6th   Sean Conneelly 3/4  1.981kg

7th   Tom Reynolds   3/4  1.693kg

7th   Mathew Flynn   3/4  1.693kg

8th   Darren Painter  3/4  1.690kg

9th Scott Bryant      3/4  1.622kg

10th   Steve Mclean    3/4  1.480kg 

11th Robert Butler    2/4  1.095kg

12th Nathan Swanson  2/4  1.043kg

13th Joe Allan            2/4   .980kg

14th Trent Blake     2/4   .963kg

15th Brenton Smith  2/4  .953kg

16th Troy Czernia     2/4   .855kg

17th Jay Nott            1/4   .681kg

18th Chris Osley       1/4   .450kg

19th Prue Urquhart   0/4 .000kg

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