ePropulsion BASS Electric Series- R6 Lake St Clair (30th July)

West and Wilson go 1, 2 at St Clair


Brisbane Basser Charles West has continued his dominant 2017 ePropulsion Season taking victory at the lake St Clair round with 2/2 fish for 2.02 kg and in the process took his fourth win of the season and third in as many starts. Hot on his heels was long time fishing partner Adrian Wilson, with 2/2 for 1.97 kg adding another podium to his palmares.


With momentum on his side West again came into the event in hot form and keen to get himself closer to winning the 2017 angler of the year title. West and Wilson started their sessions fishing the main points in the eight knot zone of the Carrowbrook Arm. “During the prefish we noticed the the weed had started to die off but where we did find concentrations of weed we found good numbers of quality fish and from the first point we knew we were on for an awesome day when we landed a fish first cast and bagged out on the first point we fished” explained West.


With West finding the better fish on points with weed he and Wilson began to work their way up the Carrowbrook Arm of the lake in search of more productive weed beds. Once in location West’s lure of choice was a cut down smoke yellow core Slider matched to a 1/8th of an oz jig head. Early in the session West would cast his lure onto the weed and begin retrieving the lure as soon as it hit the water. To keep the lure out of the weed West would point his rod up in the air on a forty five degree angle and give his lure subtle twitch as he would feel it burrow into the weed. “I was getting lots of fish take the lure as I ripped it out of the weed, on a few occasions I would rip it out of the weed and keep ripping it as if there was still weed on it and it was already in the fish’s mouth” said West.


As the wind began to pick up West and Wilson had to move closer into the weed to ensure their lures stayed in the strike zone. Once tighter to the weed West would cast his lure into the pocket of water in between the weed bed and shore line before rolling and twitching his lure back out over the weed. “I got a inside word from Peter Phelps that the big bass tend to come from the inside line of the weed, with that in mind I knew it was high risk trying to get the fish out but it was worth the risk” Said West.


West’s tackle of choice for the event was a 13 fishing Envy Black 7’ 1” Light spin rod matched with a Daiwa Certate spooled with 10lb Sunline Castaway PE and 6lb Gamma FC. “I have to dedicate this win to my wife, we have had a great week on the road fishing, it has been a very special week to share with her. I also have to thank 13 fishing, Valleyhill, Dogtooth distribution, Costa and of course my fishing partner Adrian Wilson” Said West.


Wilson works his way to Second



Adrian Wilson has shown he is coming into form at the pointy end of the season with another podium finish secured with his 2/2 fish limit for 1.97 kg. “It is the first time I have come down to St Clair. While I am sure its not this hot every weekend, I had a ball fishing this lake and to walk away with second place is just icing on the cake” said Wilson.


With long time fishing partner Charles West targeting fish at the rear of the weed bed Wilson decided to target fish holding deeper on the front edge of the weed. Wilson focused his attention on the channels and cutbacks in the thick weed beds. Wilson would then cast his lure onto the weed and twitch and shake his lure into the channel before starting a slow roll back to the boat allowing the lure to slowly track down the front edge of the weed. “If I didn’t get a bit as I ripped the lure out of the weed, I would wind the plastic as slowly as possible to allow it to work down the face of the weed” explained Wilson.


For this work Wilson used two key plastics, a cutdown Slider in Watermelon and cut down Keitech Swing impact rigged on a 1/6th oz jig head. He presented his plastics on a BarraBass Revs 7’ 2” Spin rod matched to a Daiwa Certate spooled with 6lb super 8 PE and 6lb FC Rock leader. “I would switch between each plastic as I felt the bite began to slow” said Wilson. This rotations of baits allowed Wilson to progressively upgrade throughout the session.


“We both had one of those special days on the water, lots of fish hitting the deck and lots of laughs” said Wilson, who went on to say “I have to thank my fishing partner for Charles West for a great weekend on the water, Brad from Barra Bass Rods and Tackle Warehouse.”


With one round of the 2017 ePropulsion Bass Electric season to go can Charles ‘Westy’ continue his hot run at Moogerah Dam or will someone else rise to the top. For all the detail on this event head to abt.org.au



  1. Charles West made it four wins for the year with victory at Lake St Clair.
  2. Adrian Wilson claimed second at Lake St Clair.
  3. King, Wilson, and West filled the top three places.



Place   Angler Fish     Weight Big Bass

1          Charles West  2          2.02    

2          Adrian Wilson  2          1.97    

3          Mark King        2          1.91     1

4          Brett Dinham    2          1.8       0.99

5          John Picton      2          1.76    

6          Leesa King      2          1.7      

7          David Lane      2          1.64    

8          Joe O’Sullivan  2          1.59     1.1

9          Andrew Jeavons        2          1.02    

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