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DoLive-BreamBy Tom Slater

Well, just like that we are up to round two of the 13 Fishing ABT Bream series for 2014. For me, this is the hardest one to get ready for. Not only is it almost 2000km and two days drive from where I live it also happens to fall just before the annual AFTA Trade Show. This basically means I’ve had no prep time for my tackle over the last month and it will be a last minute dash to get everything sorted before I leave next Wednesday.

I had a few hours tonight to get some lures prepped and I thought I would sit down and give my thoughts on a few styles of lures that will probably feature pretty heavily in next weeks tournaments. I’m no Mallacoota expert, but I have a feeling these are what’s going to be tied onto the end of my ENVY Blacks for most of the tournament.


  1. Deep diving crankbait – OSP Dunk 48.
    There’s no denying the success of this lure, it helped myself and teammate Alex Roy to a win in the Skeeter Teams Grand Final back in 2012. Stephen Parker used it to win last years BREAM Grand Final at Gippsland and I used it in the washes at the Hawkesbury River in 2013 where I ended up in 2nd place. It dives incredibly deep as some of you may know, all the way down to 4m. This allows me to fish fast with a crankbait and cover a lot of water more quickly than I could with a blade or plastic. The other thing that sets this apart is the lures moving casting weight, I’m not joking when I say I easily outcast my buddies by a good 10m with the dunk compared to a standard crankbait. If you think about doing 1000 casts in a day, you’ve just covered another 10 kilometres of water in one day just by casting a bit further!
  2. dolive-lureCreature bait soft plastic – OSP Do Live Craw 2” / Keitech Little Spider 2”
    These little things are what I will throw into the snags if I do happen to find some fish up shallow. Last time I was at Mallacoota I saw that many fish up shallow and struggled to catch them in any decent numbers. Hopefully with a few technique changes from last time if get faced with a similar bite I will be able to capitalize a bit better. I like these two baits because they have plenty of action on the drop, which is usually when the fish will grab it. The key to this technique is not to give an inch in the snags. It’s brutal and exhilarating, just the way we all love it!
  3. Blade – Madeye 38
    A blade is a great way to work drop offs or deeper flats where fish congregate. It’s a pretty simple technique, you just cast out and give the lure small hops off the bottom. I like this one because it has swinging assist hooks, which I think help with hook ups and help to avoid dropped fish.IS-Wasp-img
  4. Jerkbait – Imakatsu IS Wasp 50
    This little lure is becoming a go to for me, it’s sort of a hybrid crank/jerkbait but it’s a lure I love throwing all the way from the Gold Coast down to Tassie. You can twitch it or slow roll it, but for Coota I will have them weighted to suspend and fish them with pauses if I find fish on the edges.
  5. Sinking Minnow – Duo Toto Shad 48S
    This is a bit different and it’s something I have been playing with lately, a sinking minnow is normally not something I would throw a lot of but I have been using them lately to work over deeper areas quickly very similarly to how I fish the OSP Dunk. I guess this just offers a different action and profile and allows me to sink them a bit deeper if I need to.

I have to get back to re-spooling some reels and doing some routine maintenance. Wednesday morning I will be hopping in the car and spending the next two days driving down to Mallacoota, It’s one of my favourite places to fish and I can’t wait to get on the water and hopefully catch some fish.

As long as I don’t donut haha!

I will have some hats and stickers to give away from 13 Fishing at the event, if you see me come and ask me for one!


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