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We’re Excited to Announce The Release of Genesis Edge

We’re ready to go live with Genesis Edge™ and we couldn’t be more proud to show off the new site!  Are you ready to catch more and bigger fish?

Since you’re a loyal customer of C-Map Genesis (formerly known as Insight Genesis), we’d like to inform you about some exciting changes happening with the service. 

The website is the new home of the largest database of crowd-sourced mapping across the globe and most powerful personal-mapping system on earth. C-Map Genesis is a free service for any angler that has a compatible Lowrance or Simrad depth finder. By logging sonar data and uploading it, you’ll be adding to the rapid growth of the Social Map ™ where we add millions of mapped acres per year. You can download these rapidly changing, high-resolution maps any time and use them on your chartplotter. 
Genesis Edge™ subscriptions will be available on Monday, Sept. 18th. Subscribers to this premium service will have access to all the base features of Genesis (free Social map uploads and downloads), as well as a growing list of premium, game-changing features for recreational and tournament anglers, including an option to view individual maps matched against the sonar it was created from, keep uploads private, and create bottom-hardness and submerged-vegetation map layers automatically. You can subscribe to the new Genesis Edge service at  

After recording sonar data with a Lowrance unit and uploading it to C-MAP Genesis, a custom map will be created and available to download for use on the water. Our powerful servers take care of everything and the system is fully automated. Genesis Edge subscriptions can be purchased for $99 USD/yr or $24.99 USD/month.
In addition, all Edge subscribers will soon have access to tens of thousands of public Fishbrain™ catch locations on C-MAP Genesis charts online. Integrating Fishbrain catch locations into C-MAP Genesis charts will help anglers identify why fish were caught where they were and use that intel to catch more and bigger fish in those locations and others like them. When you can see dozens, to hundreds, of catch-location waypoints overlaid on a C-MAP Genesis chart’s one-foot contours, it’s easy to identify what depths, structure and cover fish prefer and then apply that pattern to catch more fish throughout the rest of the body of water.  This feature has been tested in the previous weeks in the state of Florida with plans to release the full global access in the near future.
If you haven’t been to the new site and want to give it a try, check it out here: C-MAP is committed to innovating new features for Genesis Edge and we’ll be announcing new layers and technology soon. Stay tuned! 

We’ve also got a new Facebook page, C-MAP Fishing. Like and follow us to ensure you stay hooked up for all our exclusive fishing tips, mapping pointers, sale announcements and giveaways.

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