Atomic WA Bream Classic Series Shimano Round 2

The Atomic WA Bream Classic boat series Shimano Round 2 kicked off in perfect fishing conditions with 30 degrees the day prior followed by a balmy 25 degrees to show that summer is finally on its way. With 32 teams entered for the start from River Resort on the Murray River, it was going to be a hotly contested event with most teams vying for a grand final berth.

Putting together a bag that held off the rest of the field by over 500 grams was team Ecogear / JMLs Kim McIntyre and Ben Scott weighing in four bream for a healthy 2.920kg. When asked how the team had gone and whether they had managed a pre-fish, Kim replied “I actually came up last week and had a fish with Alex, we tried a few spots and I learnt a little bit as well so it was a fruitful trip. One thing that I did work out was for me the fishing was certainly better upriver than the downstream spots”.

“So our plan was always to head upstream past the Murray bend and targeted a few areas that I had fished before, we found a fair bit of bait hanging on the deeper corners, and the spots that also had a snag seemed to have the better fish on them, or at least a fish on them. Ben picked up a nice 34cm to start the day and followed that up about 15 minutes later with another 34cm. We only picked up six keepers for the day and only one was an upgrade, we were really just trying to scrape a bag together to get a spot in the Grand Final at Walpole”.

“We were throwing 2.5 inch ZMan grubz in the motor oil and bloodworm colours, and had these rigged on some hometown 1/16th jigheads made by Jim Allen from Albany Rods and Tackle, they certainly didn’t let us down”. When asked if they had anyone to thank Kim replied, “JML Anglers Alliance for their support, great brand and some great products. Also a big thanks to Atomic for sponsoring the series, and Shimano for the sponsoring the round, and then of course the Classic organizers for another great event”.

Kim and Ben fished with Daiwa gen black itchy twitchy 1 piece with a shimano 1000 sustain with 6lb 8x j-braid and 6ld sunline fc rock with one of Jim’s 1/16th size 2 hook painted and a motor oil 2.5″ zman grub. One upgrade came on an unweighted Aqua Bream Prawn 40mm in salt n pepper colour on a size 1 hook.

In second place, and no stranger to the podium was team Gladiator’s renowned water based artist Steve Owens and his son Shane weighing in four bream 2.365kg, to fall short of the win but make their way to the top of the Team of the Year standings by two points. In fact team Gladiator finished equal first in round one and only missed by 10 grams on countback on their biggest bream of the day. When asked how the day had gone Steve grabbed the microphone “well there’s no use Shane talking he didn’t catch a fish today, no sorry he did add one I think from memory. Anyway we headed up past the pipeline where we had some productive days pre-fishing. With different tides and weather to the pre-fish we found that it really was a tough bite all day. We only caught six legal fish, and we spent plenty of the day snagged up as well as throwing in a couple of heart breaking bust-offs, so it was a quiet, but rewarding day, well for me anyway”.

“The best part of the day besides out-fishing Shane was the little spot he picked out near the finish line, we probably had 1.8kg which was nothing to write home about, but straight away I got busted off, so I picked up my second rod and cast straight back in, and I loaded straight up on a nice fish. It was a good 32cm fish and upgraded a 27cm that was already in the well. It was a critical upgrade and all with about one minute to go, so it really was touch and go for Shane to get the key tag back on the board”. A laughing Steve said “I must have inspired Shane to run a bit quicker, but that upgrade certainly made a difference. I was throwing Squidgy Wrigglers today in 80mm in the bloodworm colour and all my fish came on that plastic. It worked a treat and just kept them ticking over. I had these rigged weedless on a Decoy 1/16th Nail Bomb Jighead and that also really helped me not spend the entire day snagged, just some of it. And I better add I think Shanes fish came on a bait breath plastic”.

Shane and Steve both fished with their range of Gladiator Rods, being the Cyborg 7’2 and also the Elite Industries. Shane matched his rods to Daiwa Certate and Freams reels, these were loaded with the ever popular Gosen Tournament Braid in 14lb, whilst at the business end was Nitlon leader in 4lb or 6lb. Steve used Sunline braid and Daiwa TD Sensor on his reels.

When asked if they had anyone to thank, Shane replied “The guys at Gladiator and Tackle HQ are fantastic, Gladiator has a great range of gear that doesn’t kill the bank. I have been using all of Shanes gear now for quite a while and there really is no reason to knock it, the rods, line everything performs superbly, and of course Tackle HQ who have one of the best lure ranges going. Shimano for sponsoring the round and Atomic and all the 2017 sponsors for making the whole series possible, then of course the WAFM organisers, see you all at the grand final!”

In third place and weighing in four bream for 2.275kg to hold off team Lucky Last Cast by 25 grams was Team Sumurai Tackle Rats Joe Franco and Thys McCarthy. When asked how the day had gone Joe replied “It was a great day, we fished fresh water all day and didn’t see another boat until we came back. We knew we were the only ones as far as we were upriver, so we just took our time. We caught fish all day, but the morning bite was very tentative, and it wasn’t until the sun had got up that they really started hitting harder”.

“Most of our fish came on the 2.5 inch ZMan grubz in Motor Oil, as well as a couple on the Atomic Crank 40 in the Sugi colour. We were fishing real deep and would let the plastic sit for a while, and found most of the good fish came from the timber on the deep edges, edges that had really good looking snags”.

Joe was using his trusty Atomic Arrowz Bream Surface Spin 7’ in 3-8lb, matched to a Daiwa Ignis 2003 with 3lb Unitika Flouro straight to the Atomic crank 38DD in muddy prawn, Joes second combo was his Samurai Reaction 101 7’ 2pc 2-4lb with a Daiwa Ignis 20036 spooled with Unitika Silverthread Shore Game in 6lb, whilst his leader of choice was Unitika Aiger 111 Super in 4lb. The ZMan 2.5” motor oil grubz were presented on a Gamakatsu Round 25 size 2 jighead in 1/16th.

Thys was using Daiwa Luvias and a megabass luvito 2000 reel on his Megabass Shoreluck and Murasame 1-3kg. These were loaded with Daiwa Morethan 12 PE 0.6 and at the business end 5lb nitlon leader.

“A big thanks to Tackle World Mandurah as well as Frogleys Offshore for all their support for the season, we are very happy to be in the GF and look forward to getting down to Walpole. A big thanks to all the sponsors as well as the organisers and Kate for a great breakfast.

HOBIE POLARIZED BIG Bream was presented to the weigh master by Graeme Kovacevich from Belmont, who’s blue lipped beast dragged the scales down to 970 grams to claim the $500 cash on offer. Team Savage were right in the mix and had their kicker fish in the bag but just could not find their 4th keeper for the day.

So now it is off to the 2 day Grand Final to be held in Walpole on the 4th and 5th of November, it is set to be a great weekend with a lot of the field claiming to have never fished this once iconic bream fishing arena.

As always a special thank you must go out to our sponsors for giving such great support over the year. A very big thanks goes to Atomic/Samurai from Frogleys Offshore for being the 2017 series sponsors, as well as all our other sponsors such as Tackle Tactics, JML Anglers Alliance, Mako Sunglasses, Gladiator, Getaway Outdoors, EJ Todd and Son, Watersnake, Platypus, Shimano, Halco, Bluewater Tackle, Albany Tackle and Rods, The and Tackle HQ. And last but certainly not least Granny’s Pies for all the dozens of lamingtons loaded onto each boat to keep the teams happy throughout the day.

The WA Bream Classic staff would also like to thank all of the competitors over the 2017 season.

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1 Ecogear/JML Kim McIntyre Ben Scott   4 2.920   2.920 0.905
2 Gladiator / Tackle HQ Shane Owens Steve Owens   4 2.365   2.365 0.730
3 Samurai Tackle Rats Joe Franco Thys McCarthy   4 2.275   2.275  
4 Lucky Last Cast Mathew Jeffrey Brendan Madaus   4 2.250   2.250 0.685
5 Lowrance / Tackle Tactics Alex Griesdorf Jack Dawson   4 2.185   2.185 0.650
6 Outback Bearded Breamers Callum Dowell Clancee Pearce   4 1.855   1.855 0.645
7 Whiteys Tackle/Red Beard Clothing Brendon Smith Ben Oakes   4 1.850   1.850  
8 Savage Szarn Tink Graeme Kovacevich   3 1.830   1.830  
9 Breammaster Geoff Spadacinni Nathan Jones   4 1.730   1.730  
10 DG Jayden Webb Adam Smart   4 1.355   1.355  
11 Beavis and Butthead Mitch Vane Joseph Gardner   2 0.950   0.950  
12 Phenix Rods Suzie Siranovic Dave Ecclestone   1 0.580   0.580  
13 Damiki Dror Pietch Jesse Choy   1 0.580   0.580  
14 Purple Ducks Leigh Barrett Brendon Harkness   1 0.510   0.510  
15 Prostrike Paul Siemazko Carey Nolan   1 0.450   0.450  
16 Prime Time Josh McAlindon Dom Cera   1 0.415   0.415  
17 Filthy Oars Ben Paris Andrew Beech   1 0.395   0.395  
18 TBA Chris Hill Hamish McNabb   1 0.340   0.340  
19 Cranka Chaos Peter DeGroot Ruan Van Der Berg   1 0.340   0.340  
20 DJILBA Nigel Kelly Stephen Dimmer   1 0.335   0.335  
21 Secret Squirrels John Sorrell Alanna Hubbard   1 0.330   0.330  
22 Hakuna Mutata Fred Fraser Grant Teede   1 0.315   0.315  
23 Sikaflex Paul Burton Brendon Knowles   1 0.275   0.275  
24 Hack / Tackle HQ Michael Sammut Mitch Clements   0 0.000   0.000  
25 Bream Reapers Kerry Britton Linda Britton   0 0.000   0.000  
26 Grab A Grannys Andrew Manson Steve Yarwood   0 0.000   0.000  
27 Nomad Designs Brendan Chua Mark DeCruz   0 0.000   0.000  
28 Bunch of Grubs Nblake Liddelow Michael Doust   0 0.000   0.000  
29 Anchor Management Brett Dowsett Ben Gooch   0 0.000   0.000  
30 Bream and Tonic Ryan Wainwright Dean Wainwright   0 0.000   0.000  
31 Bream Whisperers Barry Brownrigg Colin Peasey   0 0.000   0.000  
32             0.000  
          53     26.430  

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