Casino Outdoors BASS Electric Series- R2 Clarrie Hall Dam

The 2nd stop on the Casino Outdoor Bass electric tour was the picturesque Clarrie Hall Dam. Sixty-four keen anglers took off on what was a typical morning for Clarrie hall, overcast with rain and a cool breeze. Forty-three anglers brought fish back to the scales with 28 anglers having their full limit.

The one angler that stood out from the rest was Nathan Swanson taking out 1st place with 2/2 for 2.185kg and also the Casino Outdoor Big Bass of 1.155kg. Swanson fished the upper reaches of the lake to find his first fish early by suspending OSP Dunks along the weed edges. The fish were only taking the lure on the dead pause.

He searched other areas of the lake but on arriving back to the first location he landed his second fish with the same technique.Swanson’s rod of choice for this technique was a NS Black Hole 3-8lb rod matched with a Daiwa reel. Swanson used 8lb fluorocarbon leader and natural coloured OSP dunks. He took home $440 and $150 big bass.

Second place went to long time bass electric angler Stuart France. France returned to the bass electric series with a bang landing his 2/2 for 2.065kg.

Choosing to fish the lower end of the lake France opted to throw a Gulp in camo colour on a 1/6 jighead on his Barrabass ip841 matched with a Daiwa luvias Spooled with 10lb sunline. France caught his limit mid session with one good upgrade late in the session and for this he took home $320.

Rounding out the top 3 was Luke Clark.

I would like to thanks everyone who turned up on the day and everyone for being patience with the delayed weight in. The next round will be at

Wyralong Dam and we hope to see you all there.

Thanks Joey

Place Angler Fish Weight  Big Bass Prize
1st Nathan Swanson 2 2.185 1.155 $440,Trophy, $150 Big Bass
2nd Stuart France 2 2.065 1.075 $320, Trophy
3rd Luke Clark 2 2.005 1.045 $240
4th Jesper Noisen 2 1.94   $200
5th Chris Osley 2 1.835   $180
6th Deegan Graham 2 1.825   $140
7th Scott Byrant 2 1.79   $120
8th Steve Kanowski 2 1.755   $100
9th Shaun Falkenhagen 2 1.655   $100
10th Darren Painter 2 1.625 1.08 $80
11th Aaron Kemp 2 1.605   $60
12th Joey Allen 2 1.55   $60
13th Adrain Manolea 2 1.52   $60
14th Tim Steinhouse 2 1.5   $40
15th Steve Mclean 2 1.49   $40
16th Paul Mchugh 2 1.475    
17th Matthew Flynn 2 1.39    
18th Joey Urquhart 2 1.34    
18th Adrain Wilison 2 1.34    
20th Tony Thorley 2 1.325    
21st Les Smith 2 1.3    
22nd Luke Reis 2 1.265    
23rd Charles west 2 1.205    
24th Chesley Lennon 2 1.085    
25th Ron Graham  2 1.07    
26th Nigel Skyring 2 1.03    
27th Brenton Smith 2 1.005    
28th Jack Davis 2 1    
29th Robert Butler 1 0.96    
30th Prue Urquhart 1 0.925    
31st Drew sharp 1 0.72    
32nd  Dale Morgan 1 0.665    
33rd Jason Lyons 1 0.64    
34th Russle Winters 1 0.58    
35th Jason Howman 1 0.575    
36th Christian Manolea 1 0.54    
36th Rob March 1 0.54    
38th Jono Bale 1 0.52    
39th Paul Phillips 1 0.51    
40th Michael Roswell 1 0.49    
41st Dean Thompson 1 0.48    
42nd Craig attasing 1 0.475    
43rd Cormac Bradfield 1 0.47    
44th Richard Calder        
45th Michael Goodwin        
45th Nick Nutley        
45th Brandon Goulding        
45th Damien Kratz        
45th Tom Reynolds        
45th Brett Kleinschmidt        
45th Troy lowre        
45th Shane Dekker        
45th Robbie Rayner        
45th Pete Bostock        
45th Jack Gold        
45th Rod Shorten        
45th Clint Wilison        
45th Matt Johnson        
45th Wade Walker        
45th Shane Beaton        
45th Chris Baeton        
45th Graham Dods        
45th Joel Fitness        
45th Nathan Freys      

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