Atomic Hawkesbury BREAM Qualifier (2/3rd June)

The strong wind warning continued for day two of the Atomic BREAM Qualifier on the Hawkesbury River but we still saw almost all anglers up at the scales weighing in fish today.

Kris Hickson slipped up a few places on the leaderboard and his solid bag of 5/5 bream for 4.02kg today saw him take out the tournament with a total bag weight of 7.15kg for the weekend. 

Ben Shuey held his day one lead and took it out for the non-boaters with 8/10 fish for 5.79kg.

Tani Konsul brought a giant bream to the scales weighing in at 1.44kg – she takes home the $500 Daiwa J Braid Big Bream Bonus and prize pack. 

Full results listed below.

PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Kristoffer Hickson153.13 kg
254.02 kg7.15 kg
2Matt Hall153.49 kg
253.49 kg6.98 kg
3Liam Carruthers152.64 kg
254.32 kg6.96 kg
4Jason Mayberry153.01 kg
253.31 kg6.32 kg
5Ross Cannizzaro152.93 kg
253.25 kg6.18 kg
6Steve Morgan152.85 kg
253.12 kg5.97kg
7Russell Babekuhl153.7 kg
231.96 kg5.66 kg
8Cameron Whittam152.72 kg
252.89 kg5.61 kg
9Philip Nix142.31 kg
253.27 kg5.58 kg
10Todd Riches142.67 kg
252.67 kg5.34 kg
11David Gibson131.45 kg
253.69 kg5.14 kg
12Nathan Settree153.3 kg
221.52 kg4.82 kg
13Peter Macor131.54 kg
253.28 kg4.82 kg
14Dean Nash152.3 kg
242.3 kg4.6 kg
15Mark Crompton131.6 kg
242.85 kg4.45 kg
16Braddley Young131.24 kg
253.05 kg4.29 kg
17Mark Healey152.79 kg
221.41 kg4.2 kg
18Mario Vukic152.65 kg
231.48 kg4.13 kg
19Chris Seeto110.5 kg
253.55 kg4.05 kg
20Warren Carter152.26 kg
221.55 kg3.81 kg
21Craig Simmons120.91 kg
252.89 kg3.8 kg
22Wally Fahey111.13 kg
252.57 kg3.7 kg
23Anthony Wishey152.66 kg
220.75 kg3.41 kg
24Zac O'Sullivan121.11 kg
252.24 kg3.35 kg
25Chris Britton120.86 kg
232.28 kg3.14 kg
26Alan Lister141.89 kg
220.85 kg2.74 kg
27Geoffrey Borg152.63 kg
20 kg2.63 kg
28Allan Murray141.63 kg
220.94 kg2.57 kg
29Chris Gates131.66 kg
220.91 kg2.57 kg
30Andrew Moore142.56 kg
20 kg2.56 kg
31Steve Nedeski131.63 kg
210.75 kg2.38 kg
32Christian Wardini141.62 kg
210.7 kg2.32 kg
33Aaron Clifton152.23 kg
20 kg2.23 kg
34Simon Sczepaniak131.46 kg
210.77 kg2.23 kg
35Brad Roberts120.84 kg
231.29 kg2.13 kg
36Blake O'Grady10 kg
242.01 kg2.01 kg
37Mick Thompson121.47 kg
210.4 kg1.87 kg
38Jason Graham110.58 kg
220.86 kg1.44 kg
39Wayne Robinson120.86 kg
210.54 kg1.4 kg
40Grant Kime120.81 kg
210.45 kg1.26 kg
41Jason Harlock120.75 kg
20 kg0.75 kg
42Graham Franklin110.66 kg
20 kg0.66 kg
43Stephen Duff110.52 kg
20 kg0.52 kg
44Rob Warren110.47 kg
20 kg0.47 kg
45Scott Wilson110.42 kg
20 kg0.42 kg
46Frank Raineri110.41 kg
20 kg0.41 kg
47Vaughn Lewis10 kg
20 kg0 kg
PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Ben Shuey153.18 kg
232.61 kg5.79 kg
2Michael Thompson152.56 kg
241.76 kg4.32 kg
3Chris Micallef110.67 kg
252.84 kg3.51 kg
4Craig Johnson141.8 kg
221.58 kg3.38 kg
5James Hickson132.09 kg
210.52 kg2.61 kg
6Wayne Siow110.75 kg
221.7 kg2.45 kg
7Grant Oliver141.92 kg
210.52 kg2.44 kg
8Tani Konsul110.45 kg
221.83 kg2.28 kg
9Nathan Gregory131.82 kg
210.39 kg2.21 kg
10James Morgan10 kg
242.1 kg2.1 kg
11Paul Langley131.92 kg
20 kg1.92 kg
12Nick Hewlett110.87 kg
220.93 kg1.8 kg
13Brendan McNamara111.29 kg
210.5 kg1.79 kg
14Sally Bacon131.7 kg
20 kg1.7 kg
15James Farr131.58 kg
20 kg1.58 kg
16Grayson Fong10 kg
231.53 kg1.53 kg
17Chris Findlay110.42 kg
221.06 kg1.48 kg
18Adam Richards110.51 kg
220.95 kg1.46 kg
19Jack Kederian10 kg
231.45 kg1.45 kg
20Matt Vaccaro121.41 kg
20 kg1.41 kg
21Robert Kneeshaw121.3 kg
20 kg1.3 kg
22Alan Clarke121.27 kg
20 kg1.27 kg
23Tony Khouri111.15 kg
20 kg1.15 kg
24Neil Kelly110.59 kg
210.48 kg1.07 kg
25Stuart Walker10 kg
221.05 kg1.05 kg
26Daniel McNeice111.01 kg
20 kg1.01 kg
27Chris Prince121 kg
20 kg1 kg
28Shaun Egan110.48 kg
210.48 kg0.96 kg
29Richard Potter110.36 kg
210.55 kg0.91 kg
30Mark Hayes10 kg
210.88 kg0.88 kg
31Chris Head10 kg
210.8 kg0.8 kg
32Rebecca Fazio110.73 kg
20 kg0.73 kg
33Doug Badrock10 kg
210.62 kg0.62 kg
34Kevin Lin110.61 kg
20 kg0.61 kg
35Colin Wilson10 kg
210.53 kg0.53 kg
36Simon Martin10 kg
210.47 kg0.47 kg
37Jesse Rotin10 kg
210.46 kg0.46 kg
38Michael Hahn110.44 kg
20 kg0.44 kg
39Nick Penprase10 kg
210.44 kg0.44 kg
40Paul Mazaroli110.42 kg
20 kg0.42 kg
41Matthew Cummins10 kg
20 kg0 kg
42Drew Parnell10 kg
20 kg0 kg
43Dallas Blatchford10 kg
20 kg0 kg
44Anthony Hassarati10 kg
20 kg0 kg
45Louie Wardini10 kg
20 kg0 kg
46Daniel Hayes10 kg
20 kg0 kg
47Glen Sturrock10 kg
20 kg0 kg

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