2018 WA BREAM Classics | Round 2 Results

Wind and rain battered the teams who competed in the second round of the Getaway Outdoors & Hobie Polarized WA Bream Classics Boat series at Mandurah. This wasn’t going to dull their enthusiasm though. The clock struck 7am and the 26 teams who were eagerly anticipating a great day on the water were sent off on their way to tackle the bream that reside in the Mandurah system. One might think what could be so good about a day on the water when you have to endure 30 knot winds and heavy rainfall. The simple answer to this is the bream really come out to play during these conditions and this was proven with the amount of fish brought back to the scales with 15 out of the 26 teams bringing back full bags to the weigh in. Only three teams were to miss on out on the action and fail to weigh in a fish.

Certainly making sure they didn’t miss out on the action was Shane Owens and Graeme Kovacevich from team Gladiator/Tackle HQ who compiled a bag of fish that proved that Mandurah can still provide anglers the chance to catch ma

ssive bags of bream. Their whopping 4.29 kg bag was just 10 grams shy off the record bag weighed in a boat classic event in Mandurah and it would’ve taken a monumental effort to deny these boys the win. The two chose to fish all day in the canal systems that connect to the Murray river and their day got off to the perfect start with their first fish coming in at over 40cm. This fish was caught on a Zman Slim Swimz in bloodworm colour which was rigged on a 1/12th TT jig head that was slowly rolled along the bottom past jetties and boat hulls with small twitches being applied to the lure. Due to the clear water they opted for light leader material between 3 and 4 pounds to entice these fish into biting. The two picked up a few more legal sized bream over the next hour using this technique so they chose to stick with this approach for the rest of the day. Every decision they made turned to gold for the two and it wasn’t long after the first hour that they had boated their second bream over 40cm’s. Soon afterwards they added a few more bream up to 35 cm’s long and if their bag wasn’t already looking good enough they proceeded to land yet another bream over 40 cm’s. This fish most certainly sealed the deal for team Gladiator/Tackle HQ and capped off a brilliant day for the two.

No stranger to the podium and continually backing up how much of a formidable team these two are was Alex Greisdorf and Jack Dawson from team Lowrance/Tackle Tactics who finished second with a bag weight of 2.68 kg’s. The two spent most of their day upriver from the launch and within 20 minutes of fishing they had their bag. The two continued to catch more legal sized bream on Zman Grubz and Zman Streakz on 1/12th TT Headlockz Jigheads including a few on Daiwa Spikes. Yet the size of the fish they were catching wasn’t big enough for their liking so they chose to head downriver to a canal system which would turn their day around. In no time at all they had upgraded all of the fish they had caught upriver and compiled a bag that was good enough to put them into second place.

Stephen Ince and Jahnaan Hodson from team Bream Brothers proved that persistence and patience was the key to their success in finishing third with a bag weight of 2.240 kg’s. Their plan was to travel very far upriver on the Murray River but when they saw the amount of boats heading in the same direction they chose to fish closer to the launch site at an area called Ravenswood. The day got off to a promising start but one that met with nervous anticipation as they had hooked a legal that had taken them deep into a snag. Carefully this fish was dragged out of its home and into the net which gave them the confidence to stick to this area for the rest of the day. The two threw E

cogear Aqua Prawns in the Salt and Pepper colour on size 2 worm hooks along with 80mm bloodworm coloured Squidgey Wrigglers on 1/16th hidden weight jigheads. Using these lure combinations on 4lb YGK leader line, they would throw these plastics into the snaggiest places they could find and wait to see any movement in the line on the drop before setting the hooks into the fish. It would take patience and perseverance from there on wards to compile their bag of four fish as that’s exactly how many bites they were presented with. That didn’t give the two much room for error in order to capitalise on their chances but they did to perfection!

The big 

bream for the event was caught by Shane Owens from team Gladiator/Tackle HQ which weighed 1.07 kilograms.

So that wraps up the second round of the Getaway Outdoors & Hobie Polarized WA Bream Classics Boat Series. The boat series resumes on the 16th of September for the final chance to qualify which will be on the Swan River.



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