Results | Lake McDonald BASS Electric 29 July 2018

The last qualifying round for the 2018 Casino Outdoor and Disposal Bass Electric Series was held at the lovely Lake McDonald. 40 Anglers were keen to get underway on what was a glorious glassed out morning on the lake.

The fishing was great with only one angler not coming to the scales and 31 anglers weighing  their full limit of fish.

Taking out 1st place was Daniel Patton compiling 2/2 for 2.49kg and claiming the Casino Outdoors Big Bass of 1.445 kg. Daniel used his local knowledge to his advantaged and headed to a weeded flat at the back of the lake which he knew held good fish. On arrival Patton went to work and capitalised on a small bite window, landing around 12 fish for the session. Patton opted for an aggressive approach to catch his fish by  Casting White Slider Grubs rigged on 1/2 oz smack jigheads across a weeded flat and ripping it out of the weed. He would then let it sink back down to the bottom and commence a slow roll back to the boat. Patton chose to throw this presentation on a 7ft Shimano Zodias rod matched with a 2500 Stradic spooled with 6lb briad and 8lb leader. For his efforts he took home $380 and $150 for big bass.

Claiming 2nd place was Stewart Hansen compiling his 2/2 limit for 2.41kg. Hansen fished at an area called three ways fishing for the larger scattered fish  which he saw coming through on the sounder in waves over a weeded flat. Hansen would pick one of at time as the fish passed through. He opted for a finesse Approach casting Bloodworm Zman trick swims rigged on a 1/6 jighead. A slow roll with the occasional hop was the retrieve That brought these fish undone. Hansen opted to throw this presentation on a Abu krx rod matched with a Daiwa Gen black 2000 spooled with 9lb line.

Next Stop is The 2018 Bass Electric Grand Final  at Wivenhoe Dam where one lucky angler will win the trip to Japan to check out the 2019 Osaka Tackle Show.

Invitations will be sent out shortly with all the Grand Final information. I would like to thank all the anglers on a fantastic series which has been one of the biggest in years.

        Thanks Joey Urquhart


Place Angler Fish Weight  Big Bass
1st  Dainel Patton 2 2.49kg 1.445
2nd Stewart Hansen 2 2.410kg  
3rd Scott Byrant 2 2.295kg  
4th Adrian Wilson 2 2.285kg  
5th Tom Reynolds 2 2.090kg  
6th Chesley Lennon 2 2.025kg  
7th Thomas Patton 2 1.985kg  
8th Nathan Swanson 2 1.980kg  
9th Paul Mchugh 2 1.915kg  
10th Aaron Kemp 2 1.780kg  
11th Nigel Skyring 2 1.750kg  
12th James Reid  2 1.725kg  
13th Joey Urquhart 2 1.655Kg
14th Charles West 2 1.630Kg
15th Dean Thomson 2 1.625Kg
16th Johno Bale 2 1.590kg  
17th Mark Palazzi 2 1.580kg  
18th Graham Dodds 2 1.420kg  
19th Tim Steinhouse 2 1.325kg  
20th Justin Thomson 2 1.315kg  
20th Michael Rowswell 2 1.315kg  
22nd Robert Butler 2 1.295Kg
23rd Chris Osley 2 1.290kg  
24th Jermery Walken 2 1.200Kg
25th Brady Ellis 2 1.185Kg
26th Stuart France 2 1.170Kg
27th Jack Davis 2 1.165Kg
28th Paul Phillips 2 1.160Kg
29th Dylon Byron 2 1.120Kg
30th Cody James 2 1.065Kg
31st Jack Gold 2 .990kg  
32nd Les Smith 1 .980Kg  
33rd Peter Bostock 1 .745kg  
34th Dainel Kelly 1 .715Kg  
35th Les Barber 1 .710Kg  
36tg Nick Nutley 1 .705Kg  
37th Brett Klenschmidt 1 .630Kg  
38th Sean Barnes 1 .575Kg  
39th Sue Barber 1 .415Kg  
40th Dale Morgan 0 0  

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