Preview | Final BASS Pro Round at Clarence River

The final round of the Rapala BASS Pro Series stops at Clarence River this weekend. There are currently 32 boaters entered for the Bassman Spinnerbaits sponsored qualifier.

With the bass season opening on the 1st September, it is expected the fishing will be red hot, but it may not be won in the same areas as usual due to the lack of rain in the system.

ABT caught up with a couple of river bass gurus and the 2017 Clarence River round winner Ross Cannizzaro to pick their brains to try and get a bit of a run down on what they expect this weekend.

Ross who unfortunately cannot make this round, won the 2017 Clarence River round with 6.75kg. Ross told ABT that he thinks the bite may be a bit different this year with the lack rain, Ross believes the quality fish will be a long way up river and the guys planning on targeting the schools in the lower reaches or brackish water will probably still find post spawn fish but not the quality needed to win the round.

Kris Hickson said he is watching the weather intently. The Clarence catchment is forecast to get a bit of rain before and possibly over the weekend. Depending on how much rain (or even if the catchment area does receive rain) will play a vital role in Hickson’s plan of attack.

Hickson said that if the rain does come as forecast and with the round falling on the back of the moon, the bass may move to the middle reaches or even the lower reaches. If the rain doesn’t come the fish will be spread out in the upper reaches. Hickson said it will be a bit of a waiting and watching the weather game and spending time on practise day locating the better fish.

Local legend and unofficial Grafton Mayor, Taigan Heath, has had his finger on the pulse of the mighty Clarence River over the last couple of months. Heath stated the lack of rain has played a major role in where the bass have spawned this year. Heath believes the bass have spawned higher up in the system to what they would usually. He thinks his safest option for the weekend will be to utilise his Lowrance HDS unit on practise day to locate the schools deep anywhere between Grafton and Copmanhurst and grind away over the tournament days. Heath said he will be looking for quality over quantity.

All anglers in contention for qualification to the 2018 Rapala BASS Pro Grand Final are reminded that there is an extremely quick turn around from the Clarence round to the Grand Final held at Somerset Dam. With less than 2 weeks to make final arrangements, please be on the front foot replying to your invitation ASAP.

ABT asks anyone who has already qualified by way of placing 1st or 2nd in one of the qualifiers please reply to the social media post that you will or will not be able to make the Grand Final. For those that aren’t aware check out the current list of qualifiers for boaters and non-boaters and those that are close. Remember this list has been compiled pre Bassman Spinnerbaits Clarence River round so it will possibly change with anglers on the fringe forcing their way into invitation status with a good result at this weekend’s round.


Angler NameBest 4RankingQualified?
TERRY ALLWOOD3861St Clair 18
Graham FORD3622AOY1
Brian EVERINGHAM3573GF2017
MARK LENNOX3414Boon 18
MATT JOHNSON3506St Clair 18
Paul Aldous3427Boon 18
Keeghan Painter3418Cania 18
Joseph URQUHART31211AOY4
TOM SLATER28012Glenbawn 18
Dean Thomson26513AOY5
Ross CANNIZZARO18414Hawkes 18
Wally Fahey26015AOY6
Stephen KANOWSKI24119AOY10
Wayne ROBINSON22320AOY11
Gregory Burke22321AOY12
Edward BORSBOOM21423AOY14
Peter LEGGETT19724AOY15
Kristoffer HICKSON19525AOY16
Troy Danes19226Glenbawn 18
Glenn Hayter18728
Tim Morgan18529Cania 18
Jonathan BALE17730
Jordan STODDART17631
Braden Schuch17632
Jonathon Bale17533
Grant MANUSU17434
Blake OÕGRADY17136
Rick Gough16837
David YOUNG16838
Leroy Finch16739
Joshua Higgs16440
Scott HUTCHISON16042
Malcolm DRAPER15843
Mick Thompson15644
David LANE14046
Tony THORLEY12648
Jill Wales13449
Michael Styles13450
Rick Doyle13051
Philip Nix13052
Robert Tilley12853
Joey Urquhart9755
Steve MORGAN9657
Christian WARDINI9258
Mitch Hines8859
Phillip Nix8760
Cameron McDonald8661
Jayson deForrest-Haddleton8662
Liam Carruthers8463
Andy Parkinson7964
Dane Pryce7765
Chris Micallef6866


Angler NameBest 4RankingQualified?
Dylan Byron3781AOY1
Mathew Flynn3732St Clair 18
Bill Rose3613Boon 18
Tim Steenhuis3514AOY2
Brett Hyde3325AOY3
James Browning3276AOY4
Mitchell Rose3227AOY5
Mark Parriott3098Cania 18
Jason Martin3109Hawkes 18
Trent Blake30910AOY6
Leaon Walker29511AOY7
Lochie Rutherford27812AOY8
Orton Marchant26913AOY9
Simon Johnson25914AOY10
Nick Price25215AOY11
Cody Banks24116AOY12
Paul Piper24017Hawkes 18
Marcus Schembri23418AOY13
Peter Morgan20119AOY14
John Francis19620Cania 18
Tony Khouri19421Glenbawn 18
Cole Huchinson18322AOY15
Liam Dutton18223AOY16
Collin Robinson18024Glenbawn 18
Shaun Beckman18025AOY17
Alan Clarke17926
Mitchell Petty17927
Mark Lawson17928
Warren Howe17829
James Hickson17530
Mark Caneris17431
Angus Meyndershagen17432
David Hedges17133
Joe Smith16534
Paul Mazaroli16335
Francis Wales16136
Ryland Sainsbury16137
Brendan Pieschel15638
Mitch Hines15439
Eathan Martin15440
Vanessa Danes14641
Ben Biggs10042Boon 18
Caine Goward9943St Clair 18
Nicholas Fouche9844
Scott McIntyre9645
Adrian Wilson9546
Kevin Yang9347
Scott Chard9348
Thomas's wife9249
Tani Konsul9150GF2017
Rebecca Fazio9051
Richard Potter8952
Chris Micallef8853
Benjamin Davidson8854
Loui Wardini8655
Al Barrett8656
James Farr8557
Colin Linton8558
Mitchell Riddel8459
Jordan Belo8360
Charlie Hohn8361
Tim Rea8262
Jim Hickson8163
Nick Penprase8064
Michael Geary8065
Coen McGiffen6966
Adrian Charles Knight7667
Garry Wilton7568
Paul Dunlop7369
Jamie Johnson7070
Craig Johnson6971
Jordan Mustaffa6972
Anthony Hassarati6973
Russell Babekuhl6774
Deborah Kowalczyk6375
Henry Smith6276
Richard Robson5977
Raffi Demirjian5878


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