2018 WA Kayak Series | Round 3 Results

Round three of the 2018 Getaway Outdoors & Hobie Polarized WA Bream Classics Kayak Series kicked off on the Murray River for what had been anticipated as the toughest event for the year so far. Sunny skies and minimal wind, whilst enjoyable and relaxing to fish in can make for some of the toughest weather conditions to tempt Black Bream into feeding. On top of that the high levels of rainfall that we received throughout the winter months made water conditions less than ideal for targeting bream and the amount of anglers that came back to the weigh in with empty live wells was testament to that.

Proving he had just what it takes to overcome these conditions and the rest of the field of 30 anglers was Joseph Gardner who weighed in a great full limit bag of bream which tipped the scales to 1.96 kg’s. Joseph paddled downriver to fish amongst the shallow lying timber snags towards the mouth of the Murray River where he would put his EcoGear Aqua Prawns to effect. Due to the flow of freshwater coming from the upper reaches of the Murray River, Joseph used this to his advantage by casting his Mustard and Salt and Pepper coloured Aqua Prawns forward of each snag and letting the current drift the plastic in towards the strike zone. This technique proved a treat and allowed him to catch up to seven legal sized bream on a day where three quarters of the field failed to weigh in a single legal. Joseph used 6”8, 1-3kg JML Accurate Presentation Rods matched with 2500 sized Daiwa Luvias’s and Exists reels. Spooled onto each reel was 12lb 8 ply Yamatoya braid in which connected to that braid was a few meters of 4lb Yamatoya fluorocarbon leader line.

Second on the podium and one who is no stranger to a top three finish is Alex Greisdorf who once again wouldn’t let the bream beat him by catching a full limit that weighed 1.63 kg’s. Alex is a big fan of fishing man-made structures and today was no exception with his choice of location to be a canal system that connects to the Murray River. Alex then threw 2.5 inch Zman Grubz in Bloodworm colour along with a River2Sea Baby Vibe amongst the jetties and boat hulls that are scattered along the banks of the canal waters. By casting his lures deep into the shaded areas of the mad-made structures, he would then hop the lures back toward his kayak to entice the bream into feeding. This technique allowed him to not just fill his bag including a late upgrade. On the water today, Alex used 6’10 and 7 foot Duffrods rated from 1-5kg’s to 2-5 kg’s along with 2508 sized Daiwa Luvias and Exist reels. Spooled onto his 2508 Daiwa Luvias reel was 3lb Sunline FC Rock straight through fluorocarbon and on the 2508 Daiwa Exist reel was 8lb Daiwa Evo 8 braid. Connected to the Daiwa Evo 8 braid was 3lb Sunline FC Rock fluorocarbon leader line.

It’s rare that a kayak event in Mandurah doesn’t feature Andy Mitchell in the pointy end of the results table and today was no exception with a fantastic effort to catch a full limit of fish to weigh in at 1.590 kg’s. Just like Joseph, Andy headed downriver towards the mouth of the Murray river. In slight contrast to Josephs plan, Andy would target a mixture of man-made and natural structures using Motor Oil coloured Zman Grubz rigged on 1/16th of an ounce TT Headlockz jigheads. Andy would also use the current to his advantage by letting the flow of the water drift his plastics down the face of timber snags, jetties and boat hulls. This allowed Andy to catch his full limit along with an upgrade late in the day to cement his position in the top three and almost finishing second. Andy Mitchell used X series Duffrods that were fitted with a range of Daiwa 2004 Certate, Exist and Steez reels. Spooled on each reel was 0.4 PE Varivas Light Game braid and his choice of leader material is 4lb Sunline V-Hard fluorocarbon line.

Brendon Knowles won the big bream prize for the event with a 1.030 kg Black Bream. He caught this fish on a 40mm Ecogear Aqua Bream Prawn in King Prawn colour.










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