ABT Angler Profile – Dave Mann

IMG_6301ABT launches is new Angler Profile feature with one of the best performing bass anglers on the tournament scene at the moment, NSW’s Dave Mann.

Equally at home paddling his beloved Hobie as he his steering his Haswing electric motor on the Bluefin Boats BASS Electric Series Dave is an angler who’s progressed through the ranks (BASS Pros, Electrics, & Kayaks) to become one of Australia’s most consistent tournament pros.

Read on and find out how Dave handles our 20 question Q & A.

  1. Name, age, and location– Dave Mann, age 45, lives Kirrawee NSW
  2. How long have you been fishing ABT events– since 2008.
  3. Greatest achievement in tournament angling– 3rd place as a non-boater at a St Clair BASS Pro, runner up at the 2012 Hinze Dam BASS Electric Convention, and 3 wins in a row (2x BASS Electrics- Danjera & Lostock, 1 x Hobie BASS Kayak- Blue Rock Dam.
  4. Preferred tournament species– bass.
  5. Favourite tournament location– Danjeera Dam and Lake St Clair.
  6. Your go-to technique– blades on flats.
  7. Your favourite lure– Impact Tackle Fat Blades rigged on a Skin Spin (made by Mick Skinner) and fitted with a Jackall TN 60.
  8. Your most feared competitor– I see everyone as equal on the water anyone can win a comp.
  9. What, if any, sponsors do you have– Haswing electric motors,  Impact Tackle, PML, SAS braid Totally Immersed Hobie.
  10. How many days a month do you fish– I fish every weekend.
  11. How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle– Hard question, I’ll leave this one my wife would  freak if she found out.
  12. Dream fishing location– PNG for black bass.
  13. Most embarrassing moment in a tournament– I’m sure there are some camp fire stories to be told.
  14. Favourite place to eat on the road– Subway
  15. How many tournament donuts have you had to eat– There is a box full of them under the drivers seat.
  16. 1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location– Duffrods 3-5 kg bait cast rod Daiwa steez reel 15lb sas braid 10lb leader rigged to a Skin Spin/ TN 60 Jackall Danjera Dam NSW.
  17. The tournament moment that broke your heart– I would say Hinze Dam BASS Electric Convention in 2012, I thought I had it but Jeremy McConnell ended up winning.
  18. Superstitions and rituals– None.
  19. Hardest venue– All are tough on there day but Glenbawn for me
  20. Dream fishing companion– I haven’t got one but love fishing and travelling with my mates, never a dull moment its all good.

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