Final Results | Gippsland Lakes Mercury BREAM Qualifier 23/24 Feb

Brad Hodges has broken his bridesmaid streak and taken out first place in the Mercury BREAM Qualifier.  He brought in two solid limits for a final total bag of 10/10 for 9.74kg.  Interview with Brad on his winning techniques to follow. 

Fellow Victorian Garry Carruthers came second with 10/10 for 8.33.  Queenslander Tristan Taylor rounded out the top three with is 9/10 for 8.32kg. 

Rodney ‘Rocket’ O’Sullivan is the round’s non-boater champion with 7/10 BREAM for 6.51kg.   He was followed by ABT rookie Ahmad Mahfound (9/10 limit for 6.05kg) in second and current non-boater AOY champion Stuart Walker in third with 7/10 for 5.11kg. 

Rodney O’Sullivan and Brad Hodges share the Daiwa J Braid Big Bream – both bringing in a fish weighing 1.36kg. 

Day 1 Start Photos

Day 1 Weigh-in Photos

Day 2 Start Photos

Day 2 Weigh-in Photos

Briefing Live Show


Day 1 Highlights


Day 2 Highlights

Winner Interview – Boater


Winner Interview – Non-Boater



1 Brad Hodges $3,500 1st Mercury Bonus – $500 Daiwa J Braid Big Bream – $250
2 Gary Carruthers $1,500.00 2nd Mercury Bonus – $300  
3 Tristan Taylor $1,000    
4 Steve Morgan $800 3rd Mercury Bonus – $200  
5 Peter Stephens $700    
6 Alex Franchuk $600    
7 Declan Betts $500    
8 Christian Wardini $500    
9 Cameron Whittam      
10 Mark Crompton      


1 Rodney O’Sullivan Daiwa Prize Pack Daiwa J Braid Big Bream – $250
2 Ahmad Mahfoud Fishtec Solutions Prize Pack $200 Hobie Bonus
3 Stuart Walker Cranka Prize Pack $100 Hobie Bonus
4 Neil Kelly Tackle Tactics Prize Pack $75 Hobie Bonus
5 Darren Murphy Sufix Prize Pack  
6 Greg Cooper Ecogear Prize Pack  
7 Shannon Hush Shimano Prize Pack  
8 Travis Ryan Lucky Craft Prize Pack  
9 Glen Sturrock Keitech Prize Pack  
10 Shaun Egan Sunline Prize Pack  

Final event results below: 

PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Brad Hodges154.10 kg
255.64 kg9.74 kg
2Gary Carruthers154.33 kg
254.00 kg8.33 kg
3Tristan Taylor154.94 kg
243.38 kg8.32 kg
4Steve Morgan154.43 kg
243.76 kg8.19 kg
5Peter Stephens154.13 kg
253.85 kg7.98 kg
6Alex Franchuk153.42 kg
253.31 kg6.73 kg
7Declan Betts155.35 kg
221.02 kg6.37 kg
8Christian Wardini152.97 kg
253.21 kg6.18 kg
9Cameron Whittam153.42 kg
252.73 kg6.15 kg
10Mark Crompton153.61 kg
221.54 kg5.15 kg
11Corey McLaren153.78 kg
211.09 kg4.87 kg
12Tony Pettie144.60 kg
20.00 kg4.60 kg
13Charlie Saykao154.98 kg
2-0.75 kg4.23 kg
14Jesse Rotin142.93 kg
231.27 kg4.20 kg
15Mark Hayes110.53 kg
253.61 kg4.14 kg
16Darren Weda142.15 kg
221.87 kg4.02 kg
17Scott Wilson132.52 kg
221.46 kg3.98 kg
18Jason Mayberry110.42 kg
243.35 kg3.77 kg
19Tom Deer121.39 kg
232.37 kg3.76 kg
20Steven Pryke142.74 kg
210.93 kg3.67 kg
21Peter Nord153.01 kg
20.00 kg3.01 kg
22Michael Newman132.04 kg
210.91 kg2.95 kg
23Wally Fahey121.32 kg
221.61 kg2.93 kg
24Mario Vukic132.38 kg
210.51 kg2.89 kg
25Jamie McKeown10.00 kg
232.64 kg2.64 kg
26Doug Phayer111.19 kg
211.14 kg2.33 kg
27Paul Conn120.98 kg
221.27 kg2.25 kg
28Daryl Baird121.59 kg
210.56 kg2.15 kg
29Mark Cribbes122.05 kg
20.00 kg2.05 kg
30Alan Lister131.83 kg
20.00 kg1.83 kg
31Wayne Mauger111.08 kg
210.59 kg1.67 kg
32Liam Carruthers110.52 kg
231.10 kg1.62 kg
33Daniel Kent1-0.15 kg
221.59 kg1.44 kg
34Warren Carter121.38 kg
20.00 kg1.38 kg
35Stephen Duff110.50 kg
220.83 kg1.33 kg
36Wayne Hamilton10.00 kg
211.27 kg1.27 kg
37Chris Head10.00 kg
210.97 kg0.97 kg
38Allan Murray110.59 kg
20.00 kg0.59 kg
39Scott Towner110.56 kg
20.00 kg0.56 kg
40Zac O'Sullivan110.48 kg
20.00 kg0.48 kg
41Bowan Joiner1-0.75 kg
20.00 kg-0.75 kg


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Rodney O'Sullivan121.16 kg
255.35 kg6.51 kg
2Ahmad Mahfoud143.07 kg
252.98 kg6.05 kg
3Stuart Walker154.14 kg
220.97 kg5.11 kg
4Neil Kelly154.93 kg
20 kg4.93 kg
5Darren Murphy153.93 kg
20 kg3.93 kg
6Greg Cooper153.52 kg
20 kg3.52 kg
7Shannon Hush153.31 kg
20 kg3.31 kg
8Travis Ryan10 kg
232.91 kg2.91 kg
9Glen Sturrock152.76 kg
20 kg2.76 kg
10Shaun Egan131.77 kg
210.54 kg2.31 kg
11Michael Thompson122.3 kg
20 kg2.3 kg
12Colin Wilson122.05 kg
20 kg2.05 kg
13Tani Konsul121.98 kg
20 kg1.98 kg
14Andrew Williams131.94 kg
20 kg1.94 kg
15Allan Lavell121.25 kg
210.68 kg1.93 kg
16Bernard Kong131.87 kg
20 kg1.87 kg
17Kim McIntyre110.53 kg
211.23 kg1.76 kg
18Arthur (Aussie) Amies121.65 kg
20 kg1.65 kg
19Dallas Blatchford121.29 kg
20 kg1.29 kg
20Justin Conn121.07 kg
20 kg1.07 kg
21Allan Morrison110.53 kg
210.51 kg1.04 kg
22Justin Reeves110.97 kg
20 kg0.97 kg
23James Morgan110.97 kg
20 kg0.97 kg
24John Albrecht10 kg
210.89 kg0.89 kg
25Richard Wootten110.67 kg
20 kg0.67 kg
26Michael Hodges110.59 kg
20 kg0.59 kg
27Jesse Gough110.45 kg
20 kg0.45 kg
28Lindsay Pryke10 kg
210.43 kg0.43 kg
29Louie Wardini10 kg
20 kg0 kg
30Warren Handley10 kg
20 kg0 kg
31Tan Trieu10 kg
20 kg0 kg
32Sam Ogden10 kg
20 kg0 kg
33Craig Johnson10 kg
20 kg0 kg
34Doug Badrock10 kg
20 kg0 kg
35Blair Bryant10 kg
20 kg0 kg
36Daniel McNeice10 kg
20 kg0 kg
37Justin Sherritt10 kg
20 kg0 kg
38James Blazewski10 kg
2-0.75 kg-0.75 kg
39Gary Taylor1-0.75 kg
20 kg-0.75 kg

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