Final Results | Sufix BASS Pro Qualifier, Clarence River 2/3 March

Mike Nelson started his Sufix BASS Pro Series in style and proved that he is the undoubted King of the Clarence winning the Bassman Sponsored opener on the Clarence. Bagging 7.72kg for his 8 bass over the two tournament days, he abandoned the crowded Coldstream River (where he won in 2018) and fished the main river upstream of Rogan’s Bridge.

Andrew Lollback was triumphant from the back of the boat with an 8/8, 6.74kg bag.

Scott Sutherland’s Day 1 giant (1.68kg) held up for the Garmin Big Bass award, which he added to his $300 Sufix bonus and $250 Evinrude bonus bucks.


1 Mike Nelson $3,500      
2 Rick Gough $1,300      
3 Matthew Langford $1,200      
4 Scott Sutherland $1,100 $500 Garmin Big Bass $250 Evinrude Bonus $300 Sufix Bonus
5 Taigan Heath $1,000      
6 Simon Wilson $900      
7 Graham Ford $800      
8 Luke Draper $700      
9 Kris Hickson $600      


1 Andrew Lollback Bassman Spinnerbaits Prize Pack
2 Craig Makings Fishtec Prize Pack
3 Paul Mazaroli Tackle Tactics Prize Pack
4 Rodney Thorpe Sufix Prize Pack
5 Cody Banks Daiwa Prize Pack
6 Mathew Cameron Sunline Prize Pack
7 Timothy Chevalley Keitech Prize Pack
8 Barry Reynolds Lucky Craft Prize Pack
9 Mick Eastment Ecogear Prize Pack
10 Trent Blake Shimano Prize Pack

Full results below:


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Mike Nelson144.11 kg
243.61 kg7.72 kg
2Rick Gough144.08 kg
243.00 kg7.08 kg
3Matthew Langford143.01 kg
243.87 kg6.88 kg
4Scott Sutherland143.40 kg
242.98 kg6.38 kg
5Taigan Heath143.53 kg
241.95 kg5.48 kg
6Simon Wilson143.10 kg
242.35 kg5.45 kg
7Graham Ford142.87 kg
242.54 kg5.41 kg
8Luke Draper142.51 kg
242.82 kg5.33 kg
9Kristoffer Hickson143.47 kg
221.74 kg5.21 kg
10Heath Blaikie142.90 kg
232.16 kg5.06 kg
11Adrian Melchior142.60 kg
242.34 kg4.94 kg
12David Browning142.70 kg
231.99 kg4.69 kg
13Nick Anderson142.63 kg
231.85 kg4.48 kg
14Robert Blackeby121.32 kg
243.09 kg4.41 kg
15Grant Clements142.12 kg
242.21 kg4.33 kg
16Jake Schwerin142.41 kg
231.57 kg3.98 kg
17Mark Parriott142.37 kg
231.44 kg3.81 kg
18Philip Nix120.98 kg
242.72 kg3.70 kg
19Stephen McLean142.66 kg
211.00 kg3.66 kg
20Jonathan Bale142.64 kg
221.01 kg3.65 kg
21Tony Thorley131.87 kg
231.73 kg3.60 kg
22Dane Pryce110.62 kg
242.83 kg3.45 kg
23Greg Mitchell121.12 kg
242.31 kg3.43 kg
24Russell Winters132.52 kg
210.79 kg3.31 kg
25Ryland Sainsbury131.25 kg
241.84 kg3.09 kg
26Stephen Kanowski142.06 kg
220.94 kg3.00 kg
27Wally Fahey121.16 kg
221.62 kg2.78 kg
28Joseph Urquhart131.62 kg
221.13 kg2.75 kg
29Joe Allan131.47 kg
221.08 kg2.55 kg
30Kris Banks121.26 kg
221.20 kg2.46 kg
31Gregory Burke110.66 kg
231.74 kg2.40 kg
32Lloyd Brown10.00 kg
242.29 kg2.29 kg
33Keeghan Painter131.84 kg
210.28 kg2.12 kg
34Alan McNamara110.56 kg
231.56 kg2.12 kg
35Simon Marchant121.32 kg
210.59 kg1.91 kg
36Nicholas Brunyee110.98 kg
210.77 kg1.75 kg
37Greg Rigby110.57 kg
221.13 kg1.70 kg
38Brian Everingham110.58 kg
221.08 kg1.66 kg
39Mark Shannon131.59 kg
20.00 kg1.59 kg
40Anthony Thorpe110.52 kg
220.91 kg1.43 kg
41Mick Johnson10.00 kg
221.12 kg1.12 kg
42Ben Hay111.04 kg
20.00 kg1.04 kg
43Brendan Pieschel10.00 kg
220.96 kg0.96 kg
44Troy Boulton110.64 kg
20.00 kg0.64 kg
45David Welfare110.62 kg
20.00 kg0.62 kg
46Benjamin Davidson110.45 kg
20.00 kg0.45 kg
47Anthony Duff10.00 kg
20.00 kg0.00 kg
48Matthew Finney10.00 kg
20.00 kg0.00 kg
49David Hedges10.00 kg
20.00 kg0.00 kg


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Andrew Lollback142.87 kg
243.87 kg6.74 kg
2Craig Makings144.11 kg
242.29 kg6.4 kg
3Paul Mazaroli143.53 kg
242.72 kg6.25 kg
4Rodney Thorpe142.9 kg
243.09 kg5.99 kg
5Cody Banks143.01 kg
242.54 kg5.55 kg
6Mathew Cameron143.47 kg
231.99 kg5.46 kg
7Timothy Chevalley142.6 kg
242.83 kg5.43 kg
8Barry Reynolds143.4 kg
231.73 kg5.13 kg
9Mick Eastment142.06 kg
242.82 kg4.88 kg
10Trent Blake131.87 kg
242.98 kg4.85 kg
11Blair Shapland142.7 kg
221.74 kg4.44 kg
12Scott Schmierer121.32 kg
243 kg4.32 kg
13Ian Wratten143.1 kg
221.2 kg4.3 kg
14Tim Steenhuis142.66 kg
231.56 kg4.22 kg
15Allan Price142.41 kg
231.74 kg4.15 kg
16Blake Chivas144.08 kg
20 kg4.08 kg
17Aiden Bichel121.26 kg
242.35 kg3.61 kg
18James Browning10 kg
243.61 kg3.61 kg
19John Schwerin121.32 kg
232.16 kg3.48 kg
20Sean Waite142.51 kg
220.9399999999999999 kg3.45 kg
21Josh Carpenter131.59 kg
241.84 kg3.43 kg
22Massey Kirk131.84 kg
221.13 kg2.97 kg
23Matthew Martin110.62 kg
242.34 kg2.96 kg
24David Whiley111.04 kg
231.85 kg2.89 kg
25Mathew Flynn110.64 kg
242.21 kg2.85 kg
26Mitchell Rose110.66 kg
232.02 kg2.68 kg
27Leaon Walker142.64 kg
20 kg2.64 kg
28Arran Kiloh142.63 kg
20 kg2.63 kg
29Liam Dutton131.47 kg
221.13 kg2.6 kg
30Michael Horn132.52 kg
20 kg2.52 kg
31Jason Martin110.52 kg
241.95 kg2.47 kg
32Aaron Swanson142.37 kg
20 kg2.37 kg
33Jayden Newton10 kg
242.31 kg2.31 kg
34Lukus Martin121.16 kg
221.12 kg2.28 kg
35Adam Wilson142.12 kg
20 kg2.12 kg
36Orton Marchant131.62 kg
210.48 kg2.1 kg
37Ben Biggs120.98 kg
220.91 kg1.89 kg
38Malcolm Draper110.57 kg
221.08 kg1.65 kg
39John Francis10 kg
221.62 kg1.62 kg
40Anthony Melchior110.5600000000000001 kg
211 kg1.56 kg
41Tani Konsul110.58 kg
220.96 kg1.54 kg
42Bill Rose10 kg
231.44 kg1.44 kg
43Mitchell Petty110.62 kg
210.77 kg1.39 kg
44Robert Polsen131.25 kg
20 kg1.25 kg
45Shane Andrew Richards110.45 kg
210.79 kg1.24 kg
46James Hickson10 kg
221.08 kg1.08 kg
47Darren Greenstreet10 kg
221.01 kg1.01 kg
48Coen McGiffen110.98 kg
20 kg0.98 kg
49Carl Press10 kg
20 kg0 kg

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