Final Results | Daiwa BREAM Australian Open, 19-21 March 2019

Queenslander, Jamie McKeown has been crowned the champion of the 2019 Daiwa Australian BREAM Open. 

McKeown’s 15/15 limit for 13.47kg is the heaviest limit seen in BREAM Australian Open history.   He was only too happy to share his favourite spots during the presentation – find the link below.  Jamie scored $5,000 cash for his efforts plus a couple of awesome champion’s trophies. 

Ross Cannizzaro missed the title by 80g and took out second place with 15/15 for 13.39kg.   

2018 Champion Mark Crompton rounded out the top three with 15/15 for 12.34kg.  Crompton was in strong contention to reclaim his title at the end of day 2 but just couldn’t crack the big fish on day three with a bag of 5/5 for 2.95kg.  

Missed the weigh in? Re-live here:  

Check out the presentations video here: 

Pre-Event Show with Daiwa


Day 1 Highlights (Sydney Harbour)


Day 2 Highlights (Hawkesbury River)


Day 3 Highlights (Sydney Harbour)


Winner Interview with Jamie McKeown

Runner Up Interview with Ross Cannizzaro


Final results below.

PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Jamie McKeown154.43 kg
254.06 kg13.47 kg
354.98 kg
2Ross Cannizzaro153.54 kg
254.87 kg13.39 kg
354.98 kg
3Mark Crompton154.06 kg
255.33 kg12.34 kg
352.95 kg
4Liam Carruthers154.58 kg
253.25 kg12.03 kg
354.20 kg
5Daniel Bonaccorso153.39 kg
254.86 kg11.93 kg
353.68 kg
6Michael Colotouros153.10 kg
255.20 kg11.39 kg
353.09 kg
7Mark Healey153.54 kg
253.92 kg11.24 kg
353.78 kg
8Kristoffer Hickson153.01 kg
253.56 kg11.02 kg
354.45 kg
9Tom Slater153.15 kg
254.01 kg10.86 kg
353.70 kg
10Steve Morgan153.67 kg
254.13 kg10.39 kg
352.59 kg
11Jamie Johnson153.05 kg
253.18 kg9.99 kg
353.76 kg
12Christian Wardini153.19 kg
253.71 kg9.76 kg
352.86 kg
13Richard Potter152.89 kg
253.22 kg9.56 kg
353.45 kg
14Denis Metzdorf153.77 kg
253.20 kg9.51 kg
352.54 kg
15Peter Cook152.41 kg
254.12 kg9.38 kg
352.85 kg
16Wally Fahey152.94 kg
243.30 kg9.36 kg
353.12 kg
17Grant Kime153.83 kg
253.51 kg9.13 kg
341.79 kg
18Frank Carabetta153.09 kg
253.65 kg8.86 kg
342.12 kg
19Matt Hall152.57 kg
252.97 kg8.66 kg
353.12 kg
20Chris Seeto152.81 kg
252.94 kg8.42 kg
352.67 kg
21Chris Gates121.05 kg
254.30 kg7.72 kg
352.37 kg
22Alex Sciacca152.56 kg
221.41 kg7.30 kg
353.33 kg
23Frank Raineri153.32 kg
241.60 kg7.27 kg
352.35 kg
24David Gibson152.88 kg
231.36 kg7.14 kg
352.90 kg
25Alan Lister141.79 kg
242.19 kg6.78 kg
352.80 kg
26Brett Crowe152.96 kg
252.47 kg6.41 kg
320.98 kg
27Steven Nikolovski142.20 kg
221.29 kg6.00 kg
352.51 kg
28Craig Templar120.79 kg
232.53 kg4.19 kg
320.87 kg

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