Final Results | Power-Pole Albany BREAM Qualifier, 30 April/1 May 2019

Alan Lister has taken out his first ABT tournament title, smashing the competition in Albany with a 10/10 limit weighing in at 6.28kg.   Lister, from the ACT, credited local advice (along with his own skills) for helping him secure the win for the Power-Pole sponsored round of the Costa BREAM Series. 

WA expat, Charlie Saykao was quickly back at home on his old fishing ground and finished the event in second place with a 10/10 limit for 3.48kg.   

NSW’s Stuart Walker added to his 2019 trophy collection taking out the event in the non-boater division.  His 10/10 limit for 5.3kg was the envy of all boaters (except Al Lister) in the field.  

WA local, Michael Sammut had generously lent his boat to one of the visiting East-Coast boaters, choosing to enter the event as a non-boater instead.  His 9/10 bream for 3.81kg put him in second place proving once again in ABT – who shares wins!

The WA road trip continues with anglers heading to the Augusta for the fifth stop on the 2019 Costa Bream Tour – the Okuma Blackwood River Qualifier. 

Top 10 Boaters & Prizes

1 Alan Lister  $               1,100.00 Daiwa J-Braid Big Bream – $500
2 Charlie Saykao  $                  750.00  
3 Tristan Taylor  $                  500.00  
4 Mark Crompton Kietech Prize Pack  
5 Alex Greisdorf Sunline Prize Pack Mercury Bonus – $500
6 Joseph Gardner    
7 Wally Fahey   Mercury Bonus – $300
8 Callum Dowell    
9 Steve Morgan    
10 Peter Degroot   Mercury Bonus $200

Top 10 Non – Boaters & Prizes

1 Stuart Walker Daiwa Prize Pack Hobie Bonus – $200
2 Michael Sammut Fishtec Solutions Prize Pack Hobie Bonus – $100
3 Craig Wise Cranka Prize Pack Hobie Bonus – $75
4 Fred Fraser Tackle Tactics Prize Pack  
5 Michael Hodges Sufix Prize Pack  
6 Mike Sutcliffe Ecogear Prize Pack  
7 Richard Wootten Shimano Prize Pack  
8 Dallas Blatchford Lucky Craft Prize Pack  
9 Travis Ryan    
10 Oliver Seear    

Final results and event coverage below:   

Briefing LIVE Show:

Day 1 Start Gallery: Click Here

Day 1 Weigh-in Video


Day 1 Weigh in Gallery: Click Here

Day 1 Highlights


Day 2 Start Gallery – Click Here

Day 2 Weigh In

Final Presentation:


Day 2 Weigh In and Final Presentation Gallery – Click Here


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Alan Lister154.63 kg
251.65 kg6.28 kg
2Charlie Saykao151.69 kg
251.79 kg3.48 kg
3Tristan Taylor120.59 kg
252.74 kg3.33 kg
4Mark Crompton152.17 kg
231.08 kg3.25 kg
5Alex Greisdorf151.74 kg
231.15 kg2.89 kg
6Joseph Gardner151.67 kg
230.95 kg2.62 kg
7Wally Fahey151.54 kg
220.80 kg2.34 kg
8Callum Dowell10.00 kg
252.16 kg2.16 kg
9Steve Morgan10.00 kg
252.15 kg2.15 kg
10Peter Degroot110.32 kg
231.73 kg2.05 kg
11Kim McIntyre10.00 kg
251.96 kg1.96 kg
12Stephen Duff130.92 kg
20.00 kg0.92 kg
13Didier Blanquart10.00 kg
220.61 kg0.61 kg


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Stuart Walker152.68 kg
252.62 kg5.3 kg
2Michael Sammut152.44 kg
241.37 kg3.81 kg
3Craig Wise141.66 kg
241.38 kg3.04 kg
4Fred Fraser120.73 kg
231.44 kg2.17 kg
5Michael Hodges121.21 kg
220.82 kg2.03 kg
6Mike Sutcliffe151.66 kg
20 kg1.66 kg
7Richard Wootten10 kg
221.42 kg1.42 kg
8Dallas Blatchford120.68 kg
220.71 kg1.39 kg
9Travis Ryan110.41 kg
230.93 kg1.34 kg
10Oliver Seear110.39 kg
220.87 kg1.26 kg
11Bernard Kong130.98 kg
20 kg0.98 kg
12Jenny Gardner10 kg
210.46 kg0.46 kg

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