Final Results | Evinrude Lake St Clair BASS Pro Qualifier, 22/23 June 2019

Mark Ferguson is one to watch at the Sufix BASS Pro Grand Final after taking out the Evinrude Qualifier on Lake St Clair this weekend.  Ferguson brought his limit to the scales on both days with a 4.46kg bag on day one and a 4.27kg on day giving him 10/10 bass for 8.73kg.   He took home the first place winners cheque for $3000, the $250 Evinrude bonus and the boater pro-up cash – a great payday!

Queensland’s Mark Caneris is the champion non-boater weighing in 10/10 bass for 8.47kg.  Caneris also took home the $300 Sufix bonus.

Full event results below.

LIVE Pre Show with Morgan, Jocumsen, Simmons and Allwood.

Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 2 Photo Gallery

Day 2 Highlights


Boater Winner’s Interview (Mark Ferguson)


Non-Boater Winner’s Interview (Mark Caneris)



1 Mark Ferguson $3,000 $250 Evinrude Bonus
2 Kyle Lewis $1,750  
3 Philip Nix $1,500  
4 Graham Ford $1,250  
5 Jonathan Bale $1,000  
6 Keeghan Painter $900  
7 Russell Babekuhl $800 $500 Garmin Big Bass
8 Robert Tilley $700  
9 Steve Chang $600  
10 Peter Phelps $500  


1 Mark Caneris Bassman Spinnerbaits Prize Pack $300 Sufix Bonus
2 Jason Martin Fishtec Prize Pack  
3 Paul Dunlop Tackle Tactics Prize Pack  
4 Curtis Black Sufix Prize Pack  
5 Raffi Demirjian Daiwa Prize Pack  
6 Tim Steenhuis Sunline Prize Pack  
7 Shannon Hush Keitech Prize Pack  
8 Sam Parbery Lucky Craft Prize Pack  
9 Macoy Hansen Ecogear Prize Pack  
10 Blake Chivas Shimano Prize Pack  


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Mark Ferguson154.46 kg
254.27 kg8.73 kg
2Kyle Lewis154.36 kg
254.03 kg8.39 kg
3Philip Nix154.12 kg
254.22 kg8.34 kg
4Graham Ford153.78 kg
254.24 kg8.02 kg
5Jonathan Bale154.20 kg
253.70 kg7.90 kg
6Keeghan Painter153.38 kg
254.34 kg7.72 kg
7Russell Babekuhl154.62 kg
242.95 kg7.57 kg
8Robert Tilley153.54 kg
254.01 kg7.55 kg
9Steve Chang153.92 kg
253.60 kg7.52 kg
10Peter Phelps153.60 kg
253.91 kg7.51 kg
11Dane Pryce153.74 kg
253.62 kg7.36 kg
12Steve McDonald154.00 kg
253.34 kg7.34 kg
13Ben Hay153.73 kg
253.48 kg7.21 kg
14Kristoffer Hickson153.89 kg
253.30 kg7.19 kg
15David Dobson153.26 kg
253.83 kg7.09 kg
16Paul Aldous153.38 kg
253.71 kg7.09 kg
17Luke Draper153.38 kg
253.48 kg6.86 kg
18Ross Cannizzaro154.16 kg
242.54 kg6.70 kg
19Richard Potter153.01 kg
253.43 kg6.44 kg
20Anthony Thorpe153.70 kg
242.66 kg6.36 kg
21Rick Doyle153.45 kg
242.78 kg6.23 kg
22Joseph Urquhart154.00 kg
232.17 kg6.17 kg
23Cam Jones153.42 kg
242.66 kg6.08 kg
24Bill Schloss153.43 kg
242.62 kg6.05 kg
25Greg Beattie153.78 kg
232.24 kg6.02 kg
26Glenn Hayter153.14 kg
242.64 kg5.78 kg
27Scott Hutchison132.25 kg
253.52 kg5.77 kg
28Troy Boulton153.88 kg
251.74 kg5.62 kg
29Matthew Langford153.48 kg
221.74 kg5.22 kg
30Troy Danes131.76 kg
253.32 kg5.08 kg
31Brendan Pieschel153.79 kg
221.28 kg5.07 kg
32Alan McNamara153.61 kg
221.42 kg5.03 kg
33Adrian Melchior142.29 kg
242.71 kg5.00 kg
34Michael Fairbairn121.46 kg
253.52 kg4.98 kg
35Mike Nelson153.29 kg
231.66 kg4.95 kg
36Nick Price153.15 kg
231.75 kg4.90 kg
37Caine Goward153.57 kg
221.27 kg4.84 kg
38Nick Anderson153.39 kg
221.03 kg4.42 kg
39Mark Parriott153.77 kg
210.64 kg4.41 kg
40David Browning131.79 kg
242.62 kg4.41 kg
41Mick Johnson154.36 kg
20.00 kg4.36 kg
42Rick Gough153.24 kg
221.06 kg4.30 kg
43Kris Banks110.76 kg
253.24 kg4.00 kg
44Tony Thorley152.55 kg
221.20 kg3.75 kg
45Simon Marchant10.00 kg
253.32 kg3.32 kg
46Wayne Robinson132.09 kg
221.13 kg3.22 kg
47Brett Hyde132.19 kg
210.60 kg2.79 kg
48Nicholas Brunyee121.34 kg
221.44 kg2.78 kg
49Gregory Burke131.92 kg
210.76 kg2.68 kg
50Stephen McLean10.00 kg
221.74 kg1.74 kg
51Jayson deForrest-Haddleton110.92 kg
20.00 kg0.92 kg
52Wally Fahey110.71 kg
20.00 kg0.71 kg


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Mark Caneris154.2 kg
254.27 kg8.47 kg
2Jason Martin154.46 kg
253.7 kg8.16 kg
3Paul Dunlop154.36 kg
253.43 kg7.79 kg
4Curtis Black153.88 kg
253.91 kg7.79 kg
5Raffi Demirjian153.92 kg
253.83 kg7.75 kg
6Tim Steenhuis153.39 kg
254.34 kg7.73 kg
7Shannon Hush153.48 kg
254.24 kg7.72 kg
8Sam Parbery154.36 kg
253.34 kg7.7 kg
9Macoy Hansen153.45 kg
254.22 kg7.67 kg
10Blake Chivas153.73 kg
253.71 kg7.44 kg
11Barry Reynolds153.57 kg
253.52 kg7.09 kg
12Paul Mazaroli153.01 kg
254.03 kg7.04 kg
13Steve Muldoon153.38 kg
253.52 kg6.9 kg
14Malcolm Draper154.12 kg
242.78 kg6.9 kg
15Jonathon Austin153.26 kg
253.6 kg6.86 kg
16Tony Neal153.38 kg
253.48 kg6.86 kg
17Eathan Martin153.54 kg
253.32 kg6.86 kg
18Brad Wickson153.79 kg
242.95 kg6.74 kg
19James Browning153.24 kg
253.32 kg6.56 kg
20John Francis153.89 kg
242.64 kg6.53 kg
21Tim Rea153.14 kg
253.3 kg6.44 kg
22Robert Kneeshaw153.61 kg
242.66 kg6.27 kg
23Rick Jones153.77 kg
232.17 kg5.94 kg
24Dayne Taylor154.62 kg
221.28 kg5.9 kg
25Coen McGiffen153.29 kg
242.54 kg5.83 kg
26James Hickson154.16 kg
231.66 kg5.82 kg
27Orton Marchant132.19 kg
253.62 kg5.81 kg
28Jack Dihm132.25 kg
253.48 kg5.73 kg
29Kirk Massey153.78 kg
221.74 kg5.52 kg
30Bailey Telfer153.78 kg
221.74 kg5.52 kg
31Cody Banks153.6 kg
231.74 kg5.34 kg
32Allan Price152.55 kg
242.66 kg5.21 kg
33Mick Eastment153.7 kg
221.2 kg4.9 kg
34Collin Robinson153.42 kg
221.42 kg4.84 kg
35Justin Kermond154 kg
210.64 kg4.64 kg
36Ian Wratten131.92 kg
242.62 kg4.54 kg
37Scott Schmierer153.38 kg
221.03 kg4.41 kg
38Thomas Konen153.74 kg
210.6 kg4.34 kg
39Ryan Bates153.15 kg
221.13 kg4.28 kg
40Leaon Walker153.43 kg
210.76 kg4.19 kg
41Clay Ling110.92 kg
253.24 kg4.16 kg
42Garry Wilton10 kg
254.01 kg4.01 kg
43Jake Moore154 kg
20 kg4 kg
44Daniel Holder121.34 kg
242.62 kg3.96 kg
45Ethan Hugo132.09 kg
231.75 kg3.84 kg
46Mitchell Petty110.71 kg
242.71 kg3.42 kg
47Shane Andrew Richards131.79 kg
221.44 kg3.23 kg
48Rodney Thorpe131.76 kg
221.06 kg2.82 kg
49Brian Wilcher121.46 kg
221.27 kg2.73 kg
50Tony Khouri142.29 kg
20 kg2.29 kg
51Craig Makings10 kg
232.24 kg2.24 kg
52Darren Greenstreet110.76 kg
20 kg0.76 kg

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