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Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.30.15 amFew lures match BJS Custom Baits for innovation and design difference. The brainchild of Brian Bochow, BJS Custom Baits combine non-traditional lure materials with distinctive design patterns to deliver anglers a lure range that is truly unique.

For Brian the inspiration for his lures was to create something that was more robust than what was already available, and to produce a lure that was different for both angler and fish.

“A lot of the lures that are available don’t stand up to heavy use, and they either fail or degrade over time,” said Brian.

With lure strength his main focus Brian began experimenting with fly tying materials, a move that would soon become the trademark of BJS Custom Baits and its point of difference over other lure brands.

“I started out making spinnerbaits using zonker strips (rabbit fur), and the action of the lure in the water was incredibly like-like, more so than when using things like silicon,” explained Brian.

Brian’s use of natural materials quickly gathered momentium and he soon expanded his range to include spinnerbaits of varying sizes, using different materials, and designed with different species in mind.Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.23.30 am

Bass, cod, and redfin anglers were all to benefit with Brian creating lures designed to appeal to these species and present them with something that was different than the norm.

“While BJS baits are largely designed for freshwater species they also appeal to saltwater fish as well. I’ve seen flathead, flounder, jew, and bream all fall to the natural action of these lure,” explained Brian.

With lures ranging from the big heavy hitting Twin Spin (1/8oz- 1oz) and Triple B (3/8oz to XOS) designed for cod, to the finesse orientated single Colorado 1/8oz for redfin and bass, BJS Custom Baits are broad in the range, and varying in their appeal.

Closing in on the 10 year anniversary of the start of BJS Custom Baits Brian is as keen as ever to challenge the norm and deliver anglers lures something different.

“I’m always designing new colours and thinking about how we can do things better or make a lure that the fish find more appealing,” explained Brian.

With an analytical approach and desire for improvement anglers are on track for bigger and better things from BJS Custom Baits.

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