Final Results | Lake Gregory BASS Electric Qualifier, 28th July 2019

Dale Lucas makes it  back to back wins at Lake Gregory for the fourth qualifying round of the 2019 Casino Outdoors BASS Electric Series.  He aslo took away the big bass weighing in at 1.58kg hoping blades through the weed.
Joey Urquhart secured 2nd place making for a tight race for AOY that will be decided at the Richmond River Grand Final. 

See below full results from the event:

Tag No.AnglerFishWeightBig BassNotes
1stDale Lucas22.34kg1.58kg$380
2ndJoey Urquhart22.15kg$240
3rdBrett Renze21.99kg$160
4thAllan Britcliff21.91kg$140
5thAaron Kemp21.89kg$100
6thAdrian Wilson21.81kg$80
6thMark Mckay21.81kg$80
8thLiam Dutton21.77kg$60
9thGraham Dodds21.73kg
10thNathan Swanson21.65kg
11thNick Nutley21.61kg
12thMark Palazzi21.60kg
13thJordan Renze21.52kg
14thRebecka Oconnor21.46kg
16thWade Walker21.43kg
17thStuart Hansen21.41kg
18thDenis Shaw21.21kg
20thPaul Philllips21.20kg
21stLuke Albone21.16kg
22ndPete Bostock21.09kg
22ndTim Steenhouse21.09kg
24thJermery Wakeland2.930kg
25thBob Butler1.820kg
26thDaniel Kelly1.720kg
27thDale Morgan1.490kg
28thMitchell Micheal
28thGlenn Swanson
28thLes Barber
28thSue Barber
28thBrian Rutledge

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