ABT Angler Profile – Rebecca Fazio

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  1. Name, age, and location– Rebecca Fazio, aged 35 based in Castle Hill NSW
  2. How long have you been fishing ABT events– I started in August 2011 where I caught my 4th legal bream.
  3. Greatest achievement in tournament angling– Placing 1st as non-boater at the ABT qualifier in St Georges Basin 2012.  Finishing in 5th for non-boater AOY 2013 in addition to 3rd at the Bream Grand Final 2013 was a realization of a personal goal to make the Top 10 in the non-boaters division.
  4. Preferred tournament species– Black Bream (they don’t flop around as much as yellow fin!).  However, I have to say my first bass landed at Glenbawn this year has unleashed a desire to further my horizons.
  5. Favourite tournament location– Derwent River, TAS followed closely by Mallacoota, VIC.
  6. Your go-to technique– Hardbodies on windy flats or weed edges
  7. Your favourite lure– I don’t have any one particular favourite as I’m still enjoying trialing a vast range of lures.  The bag of sample products and lures I received at the St Georges Basin win set me up with a fantastic supply allowing me to trial a diverse range of lures.  Some of the standouts include the Ecogear VX’s and SX’s along with Z-man grubs.  Jackall Chubbys also feature as a popular hardbody in my tackle box.
  8. Your most feared competitor– My boater! If I out-fish them, there is always the haunting fear that I might be swimming back to the weigh-in!
  9. What, if any, sponsors do you have– My kid’s Future Fund.
  10. How many days a month do you fish– I fish most Saturdays and try to fit in a midweek, land-based session on the Parramatta River where possible after work on a regular basis.
  11. How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle– I don’t even want to know that answer!  I now formulate my budget with what’s left over.
  12. Dream fishing location– Return to Tasmania for a tour of multiple waterways.
  13. Most embarrassing moment in a tournament– A boundary exists where particular moments should never leave the boat. However, a wayward cast in a heavily populated area, which landed directly on the head of an unsuspecting tourist eating her lunch would have to top my list.  I am only grateful that it was a plastic rigged weed-less to an un-weighted hook and that she was most forgiving and polite (or didn’t speak English).  She seemed to recover far better from the shock than I did!
  14. Favourite place to eat on the road– I’m not fussy.  When my driver stops, I’m usually hungry enough that anything tastes good.
  15. How many tournament donuts have you had to eat– Too many recently – diet time!
  16. 1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location– 6ft Green Arrow 1-3kg rod, Daiwa Luvius 2000 reel (courtesy of my prize pack in 2012) and Sunline 10lb Castaway with 4lb V-Hard leader tied to a Jackall Chubby at Mallacoota.
  17. The tournament moment that broke your heart– No significant ones yet apart from the recent slow start to 2014 as a result of my first double donut at Sydney Harbour.  I have no doubt there will be more in the future because that’s just a part of fishing! They can only serve as a humbling reminder and a platform from which to learn for the future.
  18. Superstitions and rituals– Superstitions: None.  Rituals: A stop at the local bakery on the way to the boat ramp to pick up some date scones for the water, but they are far outweighed by Rob Warren’s home-baked brownies any day!
  19. Hardest venue– It may be my home waters, but Sydney Harbour has proved my greatest obstacle to date.  The Clarence River also mentally challenges my comfort zone with its fast-flowing pace.
  20. Dream fishing companion– A dream since I was a little kid was to be able to catch fish like my cousin, Warren Carter.  Now almost 30 years later, I’ve undertaken the challenge to pursue that dream through his instruction and mentoring.  Pre-fishing with Warren is a dream come true, but I also cherish the memories, friendships and fishing techniques that have been shaped by the various boaters with whom I’ve been privileged to share their boats.  Who knows, maybe in 10 years time, it will be one of my own children who share a similar dream with me!

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