Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club Top Gun Bream Classic

The Inaugural Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club Top Gun Bream Classic has been run and won. The concept saw 5 seasoned tournament bream anglers auctioned off and paired up for the tournament with their winning bidder. All additional money raised from the auction went into the prize pool. Karen Campbell only moved to the Gold Coast this year and saw the event as an opportunity to  assist with her knowledge of the local waterways and to learn new techniques. She was paired with local young gun Alex Roy, who’s CV is way beyond his years including a National championship in the ABT Classic Grand Final. Whilst they didn’t win, the did catch a lot of bream and Karen was appreciative of the opportunity to learn from Alex. Competition day saw a total of 21 teams head out to try and catch their 5 biggest bream and hopefully take home the cash. In the end it was team Damiki, Michael and Chris Maas that prevailed with an impressive Gold Coast bag of 3.22kg. The pairing fished the natural banks around the Jumpinpin area early to put together the foundation of their bag. Later in the session they moved to Wavebreak and a double hookup shortly after yielded 2 upgrades which anchored their bag and ultimately helped them clinch victory. The winning technique saw them use soft plastics fished deep to the schooling fish.

In 2nd place was Top Gun angler Scott Butler, who’s record on the Gold Coast is impressive to say the least. Backing up from a win the BET’s event at Lake Macquaire the previous week, Scott was paired up with GCSFC club member Joakim Olander and it was off to Scott’s favourite canal systems for the day. Joakim had never fished for bream before and admitted afterwards he didn’t realise how technical bream fishing was and he was going to spend some time in the backyard practicing his casting before taking on the canals again. He did however catch plenty of fish and even upgraded a couple of fish in the bag (only to have Scott upgrade his upgrades). Fishing under the banner of Team Zipbaits/Gobotech, the pair compiled a bag of 3.12kg. The weapon of choice was Zipbait Khasmin tiny’s, skinny pops and tiny pops. Scott also attributed his new Simrad NSS9 Evo2 as a key element to the tournament success.

Rounding out the podium was Team YoBro, Ben Richards and Dean Coleman with a 3.01kg bag limit. The guys also fished the pin area and landed plenty of fish for the day. The days Big Bream was caught by Team OSP/Edge Rods, Joe Urquhart and Prue Rodriguez and was the first legal fish of the morning caught on a soft plastic. It netted the pair $80 cash and an Austackle prize pack worth in excess of $100.

A huge thankyou to all the Top Gun anglers who came on board and supported the event, Tristan Taylor, Aaron Sharp, Alex Roy, John Wright, Scott Butler and Heath Blakie. Unfortunately Heath was a late withdrawal after mechanical issues sidelined his boat and could not fish the event. It was a new concept for Bream fishing and thankyou to all who supported the event.



Craig Templar

No. Team Name Angler 1 Angler 2 Fish Weight BB
1 Damiki Michael Maas Chris Maas 5 3.22 0.775
2 Zipbaits/Gobotech Scott Butler Joakim Olander 5 3.12 0.78
3 YO Bro Ben Richards Dean Coleman 5 3.01 0.675
4 Bean Flickin Trent Jepson Aaron Lawler 5 2.56
5 Continuum Finbancial Planning Peter Cashman Josh Kirkness 5 2.55
6 TT Lures/Nordic Stage Rods Luke Rogan James Howarth 5 2.52 0.705
7 Sporty’s Fishing/ Toray Line Alex Roy Karen Campbell 5 2.49
8 Top Gunners Aaron Sharp Nathan Tuskes 5 2.34
9 Team OSP/EDGE Rods Joe Urquhart Prue Rodriguez 5 2.33 0.795
10 Samurai/Switchbait Tristan Taylor Nathan Andersen 5 2.27
11 JEMFAB Joel Madam Craig Madam 5 2.16
12 BONZO Gary Middleton John Siggs 5 2.05
13 Fish n Bits /Millerods Kris George Nathan Palmer 5 2.02
14 Sporty’s Jamie McKeown Tony 5 2.01
15 Team Dominator Steven Andrews Dion Crack 5 1.87
16 Fishn Bits David McDonald Matt 4 1.71
17 Addicted Fishing Co. 1 Ben Prendergast Jake Duckworth 0 0.00
17 Team Austackle John Wright Michael Kelly 0 0.00
17 Addicted Fishing Co. 2 Jay Prendergast 0 0.00
17 Liquid Gold Fishing Craig Templar Emily Templar 0 0.00
17 FOG Brett Rayner Michael McElrean 0 0.00

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