Final Results | 2019 Casino Outdoors BASS Electric Grand Final, 28/29 Sep

Peter Bostock is the 2019 Casino Outdoors BASS Electric Grand Final Champion.  His 2/2 limit on day two for 1.82Kg gave him a final 4/4 limit for 3.85kg to see him take home the trophy. Bostock also won himself a MotorGuide X3 Electric Motor thanks to Mercury and a  24V, 100ah lithium battery from Green Energy.

Second place went to the 2019 BASS Electric Angler of the Year Joseph Urquhart.  Urquhart has been chasing the AOY title for eleven years and was thrilled with the win. 

Full interviews with first and second place to follow shortly.

Charles West (day 1 – 1.11kg) and Mark Palazzi (day 2 – 1.28kg) took out the Casino Outdoors Big Bass Prize handed out each day of the Grand Final. 

A big thank you to Casino Outdoors for supporting the 2019 BASS Electric Season, we look forward to having them onboard as naming sponsors for the Series in 2020. 


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Pete Bostock122.03 kg
221.82 kg3.85 kg
2Joseph Urquhart121.92 kg
221.64 kg3.56 kg
3Tom Reynolds121.75 kg
221.61 kg3.36 kg
4Mark Palazzi121.45 kg
221.74 kg3.19 kg
5Nathan Swanson121.13 kg
221.94 kg3.07 kg
6Matt Williams (M)121.56 kg
221.25 kg2.81 kg
7Glenn Swanson120.92 kg
221.73 kg2.65 kg
8Felippe Gapski121.50 kg
221.13 kg2.63 kg
9Stephen McLean121.25 kg
221.24 kg2.49 kg
10Liam Dutton121.30 kg
221.08 kg2.38 kg
11Adrian Wilson110.71 kg
221.47 kg2.18 kg
12Dale Lucas121.20 kg
220.95 kg2.15 kg
13Charles West122.10 kg
20.00 kg2.10 kg
14Mathew Flynn110.71 kg
221.37 kg2.08 kg
15Bill Rose121.30 kg
210.59 kg1.89 kg
16Aaron Kemp121.14 kg
210.74 kg1.88 kg
17Graham Dodds121.12 kg
210.67 kg1.79 kg
18Nathan Freys121.05 kg
210.61 kg1.66 kg
19Brian Rutledge110.74 kg
210.91 kg1.65 kg
20Jake Schwerin121.46 kg
20.00 kg1.46 kg
21Luke Albone110.48 kg
210.90 kg1.38 kg
22Alan Britcliffe110.52 kg
210.65 kg1.17 kg
23Paul Phillips10.00 kg
221.16 kg1.16 kg
24Jesper Noiesen110.62 kg
210.52 kg1.14 kg
25Nick Nutley110.99 kg
20.00 kg0.99 kg
26Wade Walker110.42 kg
210.51 kg0.93 kg
27Mark McKay110.55 kg
20.00 kg0.55 kg
28Mitchell Rose10.00 kg
20.00 kg0.00 kg
29Ron Graham10.00 kg
20.00 kg0.00 kg


Day 1 Weigh In 


Day 1 Start Gallery

Grand Final-Eve Video 


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