2020 Zerek BARRA Series | Round 1, Edge Rods Lake Tinnaroo



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SESSION 2, 10:30PM – Team Spear N Tackle have taken out the opening round of the 2020 Zerek BARRA Series at Lake Tinaroo with a 10/10 limit for 107.99kg.  The official presentation takes place at the dam at 9am tomorrow morning  with winner’s interviews available shortly after. 

SESSION 2, 9:35PM – Team Spear N Tackle jump into the lead with over 107kg for a full limit. Could this be the winning fish? 













SESSION 2, 9:30PM – Team Spear N Tackle have had a great second half of the session and have shot up into second place.  This puts them less than 1kg behind current leaders SC Marine Electrical Doctors.  Who will get a last minute upgrade?!

SESSION 2, 8:50PM – It has been a long two sessions for team Zerek/About Town Bait and Tackle but they’ve just sent through their first catch of the tournament.  This means all 19/19 teams have now caught fish and are on the scoreboard. 





















SESSION 2, 8:45PM – Team SC Marine Electrical Doctor have extended their lead to 18kg ahead of second placed Team Humminbird/Edge Rods with another great BARRA landed by Tommy Woods. 













SESSION 2, 8:30PM – There’s 90mins left in the session and it looks like teams are getting much heavier limits that last night.  Team SC Marine Electrical Doctor are holding tight at the top of the leaderboard, but have we seen all that Team Humminbird/Edge Rods have achieved tonight? 

SESSION 2, 6:25PM – It’s shaping up to be an exciting night with a tight finish at the top of the leaderboard.  Team SC Marine Electrical Doctor have reclaimed the lead with the latest catch from Tommy Wood – this 13.63kg BARRA. 












SESSION 2, 6:10PM – Current BARRA Australian Open Champions, Team Anita Barra, have just put their first BARRA on the board for tonight – an 11.27kg landed by Liam. 











SESSION 2, 5:20PM – Team Spear N Tackle have just sent through their second meter plus fish for the night….must have been a good fight when you need a third hand to hold the fish up for the photo. 











SESSION 2, 4:50PM – Session one leaders, Team Humminbird/Edge Rods have just put in their first fish for the afternoon – a 12.63kg BARRA – which puts them back into the lead. 












SESSION 2, 4:30PM – It’s a quieter start than yesterday, 10/19 have managed at least one fish on the scoreboard this afternoon.  We’re still waiting to confirm a couple of their catches, but Team SC Marine Electrical Doctor have taken the lead with 4/5 so far today giving them a total of 9/10 BARRA for 70.84kg.  

SESSION 2, 2:30PM – The second session of the Lake Tinaroo opening round of the 2020 Zerek BARRA Tour is underway with four teams already adding to their scores today.   Check out one of the first fish on the board this afternoon from the field’s young guns – Team Crooked Brothers (Frankie Ferraro & David Hapgood) – weighing in at 14.70kg.




















SESSION 1, 10:04PM – The session has closed and all catches have been verified and finalised. An exciting finish to the first of this two session event.  Team Humminbird/Edge Rods have reclaimed the lead with a 5/5 limit for 58.73kg.  It all kicks off again tomorrow from 2pm with rolling LIVE scoreboards and event coverage. Stay tuned!

SESSION 1, 9:51PM – Team FNQ Fish Hunters have snuck into the lead at the 12th hour with their fourth fish taking them to a bag of 52.31kg.

SESSION 1, 9:43PM – Team Venom have now taken the lead upgrading with a 13.12kg BARRA.  This puts them a little over 6kg ahead of Team Humminbird/Edge Rods in the session’s final minutes. 




















SESSION 1, 9:40PM – There’s 20mins to go in the session and Team Humminbird/Edge Rods have shot to the top of the leaderboard with 3 x meter plus fish in a row helping them secure a total bag weight of 45.42kg. 

SESSION 1, 9:22PM – A couple of teams have already called it a night and are off the Lake.  Still a few catches coming through.  Craig and Karim for Team Humminbird/Edge Rods have just submitted their first meter plus fish for the night. 

SESSION 1, 7:45PM – Check out this $1.10 that just came through the app from Mick Johnson for Team FNQ Fish Hunters caught earlier this afternoon:












SESSION 1, 7:07PM – More meter plus BARRA hitting the scoreboard.  Kord Luckas just put this one on the board for Team Venom. 




















SESSION 1, 7:00PM – There’s a bite window happening now and more of the big girls are coming out.  Check out this 14.70kg BARRA landed by current Venom BARRA Australian Open Champion team Anita Barra!











SESSION 1, 6:42PM – First meter plus BARRA on the scoreboard for the event.  Awesome work from Paul Phibbs with this 13.12kg fish.  Hopefully the start of many more big girls to come tonight!




















SESSION 1, 5:46PM –  Things have been a little quiet on the lake for the last hour but Team BMENQ/Humminbird/Jackall have broken the silence with a 5.47kg BARRA – their first fish on the scoreboard for the session. 8/19 teams are now on the scoreboard. 

SESSION 1, 4:38PM – Joe Williams puts Team Fishing Monthly on the scoreboard with this 6.14kg BARRA.




















SESSION 1, 4:11PM – The youngest team in the event, Team Crooked Brothers (Frankie Ferraro & David Hapgood) are on the board with this 5.27kg BARRA that has them sitting in 5th place early in the session.  











–  Team Venom are on the scoreboard with this 5.47kg BARRA caught by Kord Luckas. 



















– Four teams are now on the score board.  Team SC Marine Electrical taking an early lead with some decent BARRA.  Tommy Wood currently holds the Big BARRA with a 97cm, 10.85kg fish. 











– Team SC Marine Electrical Doctor (Rob Wood & Tommy Wood) are first on the scoreboard with a 10.44kg BARRA. 





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