New Toys in Oz from Imakatsu

Imakatsu deliver Aussie anglers a bunch of new levels. Check out what’s inshore.

Battle BatsBattle Bat

Features a metal blade on the rear treble that makes the lure randomly dart to side, very much like a fleeing baitfish.  An action that a predatory fish finds irresistible.







Alive ChatterAlive Chatter

A chatterbait style lure that incorporates a harbody lure and tantalising skirted treble to accentuate the lures amazingly lifelike swimming action.

Here is a video showing just how effective it is at catching fish

Check out the clip below to see it in action.





Pump RPump R

For the barra and Jack guys the new Pump -R is a 90mm suspending jerkbait that dives to 2m – It features a slightly wider wiggle than the conventional jerkbait and also comes with a shrimp-like finesse rattle that calls fish in from a long way off.






Scarebrow 7Scarebrow 7

The Scarebrow 7 is a crankbait that features a willow leaf blade under its chin. This adds significantly to the vibration that the lure puts out as well as the flash of the lure making it a much more effective lure.





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