SBS Grand Final- the final wrap up

The Southern Bream Series (SBS) Grand Final was held at St Georges Basin on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th October, the event was proudly run and sponsored by the Basin Lure & Fly Anglers Inc.

The Saturday morning greeted the Top 40 Boating Teams and Top 15 Kayak Competitors with warm conditions, clear skies and afterwards with a beautiful sunny day, with the same on the Sunday.

A total pre-fish ban had been in place from midnight Friday 3rd October until commencement of fishing on Saturday 11th, allowing all competitors a level playing field and hopefully to see the return of many full bags.

Day 1 results saw Team Compleat Angler Batemans Bay/Shimano in 1st place with a 5/5 bag @ 3.73kg, in 2nd was Team BRIMN with a 5/5 bag @ 3.39kg, 3rd was Team ABU Garcia with a 5/5 bag @ 3.01kg, 4th was Team Stealth Blades with a 5/5 bag @ 2.98kg and 5th was Team Tonic Eyewear/FG Blades with a 5/5 bag @ 2.94kg.

Day 2 saw the final winner in the Boating section was Team BRIMN with Grant Kime & Brad Balding with a 10/10 bag totalling an amazing 6.86kg, second went to the Team Compleat Angler Batemans Bay/Shimano with Jason Mayberry & Terry Parmenter with a 10/10 bag totalling 6.60kg, third went to Team Stealth Blades with Peter Cook & Phil Cook with a 10/10 bag totalling 6.58kg, Fourth went to Team Tonic Eyewear/FG Blades with Matt Starr & Damien Skeen with a 10/10 bag totalling 6.48kg and fifth with Team Breamski with Steve Nedeski & Jarrod Lye with a 10/10 bag totally 6.20kg.

In the boating section 17 Teams achieved their full bag of 10 fish over the 2 day event and there where a total of 286 fish for a combined weight of 153.08kg for the 80 anglers.

The Lowrance Big Bream prize was taken out by Mark Taylor with a solid 1.070kg fish.

The cash payouts for the top 5 where: 1st $8,550, 2nd $3,750, 3rd $2,000, 4th $1,300 & 5th $900.

Day 1 for the Kayaks had Team Totally Immersed Watersports – Shane Taylor in 1st with 3/3 bag @ 1.75kg, 2nd was Gamakatsu/Atomic – Andrew Death with a 3/3 bag @ 1.74kg and 3rd was Team Lox Rods – Stewart Dunn with a 3/3 bag @ 1.64kg.

Day 2 saw the final  winner in Kayak section was Team Gamakatsu/Atomic – Andrew Death with a bag of 6/6 totalling a very impressive 4.73kg, second went to Team Totally Immersed Watersports – Shane Taylor with a bag of 6/6 totalling 3.81kg and third went to Team – Scott Marcinkowski with a bag of 6/6 totalling 3.16kg.

In the Kayak section there where a total of 68 fish for a combined weight of 36.17kg for 15 anglers.

The Lowrance Big Bream prize was taken out by Andrew Death with another solid  1.740kg fish.

Cash payouts for the top 3 where: 1st $1,900, 2nd $1,100 & 3rd $800.

We would like to thank all the competitors and Sponsors, Lowrance, Shimano, Fishing World, Tonic Eyewear, Searing Tackle/Damiki, Custom Lure Art, Skeeter Boats / Power Pole, Hobie Fishing, BCF, Totally Immersed Watersports, Lox Rods, Asakura Lures and STG Graphics.

I would again like to say a big thank you to all those that competed and showed their continued support for this great Series, as it only got bigger and better as every Round passed and the positive feedback that filtering back is greatly appreciated. 2015 will be another great year and we look forward to seeing everyone again and any new competitors who are always made welcome in our friendly Series.

In conclusion I have a few details  from the entire Series that will interest many:

127 Registered Boating Teams with 281 competitors.

2132 Bream Caught for a total weight of 1238.235kg

50 Registered Kayak Competitors.

397 Bream Caught for a total weight of 254.74kg

Total Cash & Prizes paid out for entire Series = $96,973


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Pics are courtesy of Peter Hewitt.



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