Toray Jigging Powergame PE and Flurocarbon Leader

Jigging-PowergameJigging PE Powergame
Jigging PE Powergame is a high quality 4 carrier braid that has been developed using high quality fibres and a new resin coating.

The new resin coating cuts down on friction wear and prolongs the life of the braid.

Available in 200m spools and changes colour every 10 meters (blue, pink, yellow, green, red). $59.95 RRP

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Jigging-LeaderJigging Leader Powergame

Jigging Leader Powergame is a new age fluorocarbon that possesses stretch which gives you excellent impact resistance.

 The ultra hard Jigging Leader is extremely abrasion resistant and can be fished around structure with confidence.

 The Jigging Leader Powergame is a perfect all round fluoro carbon leader for a host of situations you might come across in your day to day fishing. $29.95 RRP

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