Power-Pole BREAM Angler of the Year



There’re few bigger accolades on the BREAM Tour than the Power-Pole Angler of the Year title. The ultimate kudos for the most consistent angler during the qualifying rounds during the tournament year, it’s a title that mirrors perfectly the ethos of the Power-Pole brand and Power-Pole products.

“Strength and performance day in-day out on the water is what Power-Poles deliver and what it takes to achieve the Angler of the Year title,” explains Josh power-pole-blade-editionBatterson, Power-Pole’s Australian distributor.

2014 BREAM Angler of the Year Scott Butler wins an 8’ Blade Power-Pole for his stellar year on the BREAM Tour, a hi-end performance model designed for hi-end tournament performance.

“The Blade is at the top of the Power-Pole range, and has the strongest hold and fastest deployment in the Power-Pole range. When it comes to tournament performance there’s nothing better,” explains Josh Batterson.

For more information on the Power-Pole range visit www.bassboatshop.com.au.


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