Toray Lines Up for BASS Pro Season 2015

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TORAY headlines the 2015 BASS Pro Series, with Australia’s longest running bass tournament circuit returns to its full schedule to deliver anglers and sponsors more opportunities, rewards and bass action than ever before.


“Toray is becoming a popular and reliable brand on the tournament scene and is proving itself to anglers through its consistent performance. We look forward to maintaining this with the introduction of new lines and technologies during the year that will help take Toray to the next level. Anglers can look forward to the opportunity of winning and using these new products during the 2014 BASS Pro season,” explains Toray’s Australian distribution (Fish Tec Solutions) representative Craig Simmons.


With a streamlined 2014 BASS Pro Series behind them ABT and Toray are excited about what’s in-store for 2015.


IMG_1788“We’re getting the series back to what and where it use to be, with four qualifying rounds, a Grand Final and a Megabucks making up the BASS Pro calendar. We’re also bringing back two things that are unique to ABT events, namely the place getter badges and Grand Final jerseys,” explains ABT’s Simon Goldsmith.


The revamped tour kicks off at Lake St Clair in late Summer before heading north to Somerset in autumn, Glenbawn in winter, Bjelke Petersen in Spring, and Lake Glenbawn and St Clair in October for the Grand Final and Megabucks respectively.


“We’ve slated the Grand Final and Megabucks a months later than usual to take advantage of the hot spring bite in the Hunter Valley and to give us bit more breathing space in the calendar,” explains Simon.


IMG_2361With four qualifiers, a grand final and megabucks scheduled to hits lakes at peak bite times the rewards are there for the taking for anglers looking to get their bass bite on. When it comes to rewards and opportunities on offer for the year there’s perhaps none greater than what’s on offer at the Grand Final.


“ABT has a 14 year history of sending anglers to the US and 2015 will see us give away our best US trip ever. We’re partnered with Carl Jocumsen to create the ultimate bass fishing road trip, a trip where you’ll get to experience bass fishing US style both on and off the tournament trail,” explains Simon.


The trip will be awarded to the champion boater at the Toray BASS Pro Grand Final, and will include flights, accommodation, fuel, and tournament entry in a Bassmaster Open tournament.


“The winner will fly to the states, I’ll pick them up from the airport and we’ll hit the road the straight away with the Skeeter in tow and the boat loaded with tackle. On the way to the Open we’ll fish some lakes loaded with donkey sized bass, then we’ll hit the open venue for four days of prefish. By the time the tournament rolls around we’ll have you skilled up and ready to catch plenty of fish,” explains Carl Jocumsen.64766_10151503632586912_325551805_n


Carl’s ascendency to the ranks of the BASS Elite Series will also see you rubbing shoulders with the elites of the sport, an access to the inner sanctum that is reserved for the very few.


“You’ll experience tournament angling like only the USA can deliver, and experience bass fishing like nothing else. Ian Miller has done it, Kris George has done, and they’ve both showed how competitive Aussies are over here against the locals, and they’ve all had sessions on the water that have blown their minds,” concluded Carl.


289516_592460157438504_395268535_oWhile the Toray BASS Pro Grand Final offers a Grand Final styled prize (including qualification for AFC Outdoors) the payouts and prizes at the four qualifying rounds throughout the year are once again the best in the business.


“We’ve always been proud of the paybacks in our events, and 2015 will see the trend for industry best paybacks as strong (70% cash) as ever. When you combine the cash at each event with an additional $3000 in prizes, sponsor bonuses and pro payouts, you’re looking at over a 100% return in value,” concluded Simon Goldsmith.


The draft calendar for the 2015 Toray BASS Pro Series can be found below, along with the event payout schedule, and details on the Carl’s USA Roadtrip prize on offer at the October Grand Final.


Entry forms, final calendar, and further details on the 2015 Toray BASS Pro Series and BASS Pro Angler of the Year title race will be released in the coming weeks. up

Draft Calendar

R1- Lake St Clair- 14/15th March

R2- Lake Somerset- 9/10th May

R3- Lake Glenbawn- 4/5th July

R4- Lake Bjelke Peterson- 29/30th August

Grand Final- Lake Glenbawn- 24/25th October

BASS Megabucks- Lake St Clair- TBA


The cup of cashBASS Pro Payout Schedule

Prize Money is calculated for a field of 100 anglers (50 boaters, 50 non-boaters & 20 pros) and will be adjusted up or down according to the number of entries.

Boater payouts are calculated on a 1 in 5 entry basis on a 70% payback, while Pro payouts are calculated on a 1 in 4 entry basis with a 100% payback.

N.B. Payouts calculated on $250 (boater) and $125 (non-boater) entry fees.


Boater Prize Pool Breakdown                                Pro Prize Pool Breakdown

Regular Payouts (based on 50 boats) Pro Payouts (based on 20 Pros)
1st $3,800 1st $800
2nd $1,900 2nd $500
3rd $1,300 3rd $300
4th $1,000 4th $200
5th $800 5th $200
6th $700
7th $600
8th $500
9th $500
10th $500
Big Bass $500
Total $12,100


994792_10151631984056912_1294836615_nCarl’s US Roadtrip

  • Winner will
    • Fish BASS Bassmaster Open as a co-angler
    • Fish with Carl during prefish for Bassmaster Open
    • Fish with Carl pre/post Bassmaster Open
  • Prize includes
    • Airfares
    • Pickup and drop off from airport
    • Accommodation
    • Fuel
    • Entry fee into BASS Bassmaster Open


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