Rapala BARRA Tour- Draft Calendar


The Rapala BARRA Tour hits north Queensland again in spring for a week long barra feast. Slated to take advantage of the full moon in late November this years tour will once again see Teemburra, Kinchant, Peter Faust, on the tour’s hit list. Check out the draft dates below, further details to follow in the coming months.

Rapala BARRA Tour Draft Calendar

Date Event Session Times
Sat 21st November R1 D1(Teemburra) 3pm-10pm
Sun 22nd November R1 D2 (Teemburra) 3pm-10pm
Mon 23rd November Rest Day
Tuesday 24th November Night Championship Start (Kinchant) 4pm-8am
Wed 25th November (Full Moon) Night Championship Finish (Kinchant) 4pm-8am
Thur 26th November Rest Day
Fri 27th November R3 D1 (Peter Faust) 3pm-10pm
Sat 28th November R3 D2 (Peter Faust) 3pm-10pm
Sun 29th November R3 Presentation

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