Joe Crust from Sydney takes out round three of the Hobie® B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Kayak Series at Tallowa Dam in New South Wales.

On Sunday March 29, Bass anglers from up and down the east coast gathered at Tallowa Dam, 160km south of Sydney to compete in round three of the Hobie B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Kayak Series.

The 43m high dam holds water from a 5,821sq km of catchment area and forms a 930 hectare lake.  It is unique for its massive mechanical fish lift, which transports fish over the dam wall in a 2,500L bucket, assisting the migration of 10 native fish species between the upper and lower areas of the river.

A large field of the country’s best Bass kayak anglers headed off in excellent conditions from the Power-Pole Starting Line in the catch-photo-release (CPR) tournament. The majority of the field made the long trip up the eastern arm of the waterway in search of Big Bass hiding in snags at Beehive point but it was two cunning anglers who decideded to fish the basin directly in front of the launch site who picked up first and second for the day and saved their legs a workout in the process.

At the end of a fantastic day’s fishing it was Joe Crust from Sydney in New South Wales who took out the major prize with a 115 cm total aggregate fish length for 3 Bass.  Richard Robson from Bowral in New South Wales followed closely, missing the top spot by 1cm with 114cm and Glenn Hayter, also from New South Wales, took third place on the podium with his 107 cm bag.

Joe Crust summed up his tournament when asked to outline his plan of attack and to share some of the strategies and techniques he used in the session.

“During the pre-fish I’d pedaled about an hour and a half towards Beehive Point and not really done any good. I was here previously and the fishing was really good on the edges but yesterday there was nothing there.”

“I caught up with Richard (Robson) around the front of the event site and we spotted a couple of schools so we went round together and sorted out a bit of a milk run. As soon as one school got tired and stopped biting we’d run to the next spot and just keep circulating the spots.”

“We were fishing in about 5 – 7 meters of water and it seemed like the Bass were balling the mosquito fish up against the drop offs and we would just cast into that and they would come in, eat them and go back out again.”

Winning Ways

It was really all about not spooking the fish. Thinking about what’s going on beneath you and being mindful of that. We were releasing the fish a long way away so as not to put a distressed fish back into the school and freak the others out, sending them off the bite.

Winning Tackle

  • Rod: Daiwa Generation Black
  • Reel: Daiwa Certate 2000
  • Line: Berkley 4lb Fireline Crystal
  • Leader: Sunline VHard 5lb
  • Lure: 1/8 and a 3/16th Jighead on camo coloured grub


Richard Robson from Bowral, New South Wales hooks second

Robson netted a catch of Bass that measured short of the tournament winner by just 1cm, but it was enough to give him an overall advantage in length of 7cm cm over third place finisher Glenn Hayter.

Describing his day on the water, Robson said.
“Joe and I sorted out a bit of a plan yesterday and we worked out there were a few schools we found directly in front of the Hobie tent. We worked on those knowing that sometimes it’s good to team up on them, it keeps fish active and keeps things fun.

”We basically did a circuit of the main basin of Tallowa where the fish are staging at the minute and just constantly caught fish on a vertical grub and retrieve. Had an absolute ball and caught between 40-50 fish today with lots of upgrades. It didn’t really shut down until the last hour of the day. We’ve had an absolute ball, out here, fishing with a best mate, I’ve got a really good bass thumb and we’ve picked up first and second”.

Robson joins Crust in qualifying for the 2015 Hobie B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Kayak Series Australian Championship on Hinze Dam, Queensland from October 31 to November 1 this year.

Tackle Used

  • Rod: Majorcraft Rods 7’4″ 2-4lb
  • Reel: Shimano Saros 1000s
  • Line: Stren Microfuse 2lb
  • Leader: Nitlon 5lb
  • Lure: 3″ Camo GrubZ on 1/6 Dam Deep Nitro Jigheads



Brad Chin from Heathcoate in New South Wales picked up his Hog’s Breath Cafe BOSS HOG Big Bass after making the slog up to Beehive Point and landing an impressive 46 cm Australian Bass Atomic 2.5″ Paddle Tail Black and Gold (pictured)

“I picked it up around midday in one of the little bays near Beehive. I dropped one at the boat that would have upgraded me a few centimeters but I’m happy with the 46cm that got me the cheque.”




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Next Round

It’s now time to start planning for the next round of the Hobie B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Kayak Series which will be held at Mary River in Queensland on May 31st.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Chris Purnell from Totally Immersed Watersports in South Nowra for providing dealer support at the event and B.A.S.S Australia Nation.

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