The Engel Round 2 of the Berkley WA Bream Classic Series

With Daniel Coughlan and Matthew Sidney Burt

With Daniel Coughlan and Matthew Sidney Burt

The Engel Round 2 of the Berkley WA Bream Classic Series kicked off with 33 teams being greeted with mixed weather conditions, rain, wind and sunshine all making their presence felt during the day. Teams had the choice of both the Canning and Swan Rivers to chase their bounty for the day, although most teams chose to stay in the Canning River and closer to the start location.

Making the most of the ordinary conditions and new start location of the WA Rowing Club on the Canning River was team Chitora/Pontoon 21 of Daniel Coughlan and Mathew Burt, who weighed in four bream for 2.545kg to take home the Engel Fridge/Freezers, cash and Berkley products on offer. Daniel and Matthew targeted the Canning Bridge (200m from the start location) all day, sitting on the upriver side of the bridge and working their lures through the pylons with the incoming tide. They were also the team first to weigh in at least 30 minutes before check-in time and maintained that position for the whole day.

When asked if they had a plan for the day, Dan replied “We did all our pre-fish in the Canning River, so we headed upstream to hit some of the areas we had pre-fished, but with boats in most of the spots we decided to head back downstream to the bridge, upon arriving we saw quite a few feeding fish amongst the pylons. So the electric was deployed quick smart and we gave the channels through the pylons a good working over”.

The successful lures/plastics were the 5.9gm Cranka Crab in all colours, though the lighter colours were better and Damiki D’Grubs in ox blood. Dan

2nd Place — with Nathan Jones and Geoff Spadaccini

2nd Place — with Nathan Jones and Geoff Spadaccini

mentioned “we were casting up the channels and fishing real slow and deep with the incoming tide, the key was to fish as slow as possible”.

Catching 9 keepers throughout the day, two keepers hit the deck at about 9.00am, with their 900gm anchor fish coming onboard at 11.00am, they then filled the last spot in their bag by 12pm, this was also followed by a good upgrade and several other keepers that didn’t make the grade. Consistent action and size came at a price though with at least 7 Cranka Crabs lost to good fish on the mussel covered pylons and another couple lost from pylon damage. This showed the harsh terrain they were fishing, but certainly a worthy sacrifice in the end.

Dan used 7ft Rapala Braid Concept rods in 2-4kg, with Shimano Stradic 2500 Reels. The reels were loaded with Sunline PE in 8lb, whilst his leader of choice was Varivas light game in 6lb. He also used 1/20th jigs and the preferred Cranka Crab was the 5.9gm model in any colour.

Matt used a 7ft Pfleuger Triumph rod in 2-4kg for most of the day, this was matched to a Shimano Stradic 1000 reel. The reel was loaded with 6lb Berkley Nanofil, and his leader of choice was 6lb Yamatoyo Harris Fighter.

Daniel and Matt thanked their sponsor Searing Tackle for all the gear they provide that helps get them on the water. They also thanked the WAFM team for putting on another great classic event and all the sponsors that have come on-board this year, especially Engel for the awesome fridge/freezer they each took home.

3rd Place and Watersnake Big Bream Team Unlucky . Not so unlucky this time

3rd Place and Watersnake Big Bream Team Unlucky . Not so unlucky this time

In second spot and taking home the Engel Smart Battery Box’s were Team Breammaster’s Geoff Spadaccini and Nathan Jones weighing in four bream for 2.310kg. Geoff and Nathan planned to hit a few of the drains heading up the Swan River, but with boats in a few spots and only a couple of undersize bream early on, they made their way towards Belmont racecourse, where they came across their first bust-off for the day. After the bust off they committed to the area and rotated between the racecourse and Mercy Hospital to fill their bag of four fish.

Slow rolling Snapbacks and various Z-Mans provided four solid keepers with the first fish at 34cm hitting the deck at 8.30am followed by a 36cm at 9.00am, a 37cm at 10.00am and the bag filler at 30cm was in the net by 11.00am. One fish even fell to a Carolina rig thrown by Geoff, but it also left them thinking they would need at least one good kicker fish to get amongst the top 3 and maybe even to get in the top 10.

When asked what the secrets were to securing bites on a real hard day, Nathan replied “Fishing really slow was the key for us and maybe getting to areas that would normally produce, even though I haven’t fished for bream in over 18 months, we were more confident in areas we normally target, and slowing it down so much we were barely winding the handle, with the rare small hop thrown in”.

Team Breammaster also arrived back 30 minutes early and were pretty happy to be in 2nd spot even though only one other team had weighed in, it was also a

4th Place Team 13 Fishing- with Chris Pfrunder and Callum Dowel

4th Place Team 13 Fishing- with Chris Pfrunder and Callum Dowel

position they were to hold for the entire weigh-in. Nathan was seen throwing a keen eye over each teams bag as they headed up to the weigh-in giving Geoff a commentary of whether they would hold their spot (which of course they did).

Geoff used his selection of Ian Miller Breambusters for the whole day, all of which were matched to Shimano Stella 2500’s. Each reel was loaded with 10lb Varivas line, with his choice of leader being Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 8lb. Geoff mainly used 1/16th jig heads, with his choice of Zman being the 3” streakz in chartreuse and green pumpkinseed .

Nathan used 2 Black Diamond 6’6” Breamreapers 2-4kg and a 6’6” Carrot stick in 2-4kg, these were matched to 2 Shimano Ci4 2500’s and a Daiwa Sol 2500. Each reel was loaded with 10lb Varivas line, with his leader of choice also being the Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 8lb. Nathan fished his go to plastic, being the 3” Snapback on bottle green and also the 2.5” ZMan grub in purple glitter, all on TT jig heads in 1/16th.

Geoff and Nathan thanked their sponsor Breammaster and also WAFM for putting on a great tournament series, saying they are getting bigger and better which is evident by the number of teams entering, they also thanked all the other anglers for making the effort in what was pretty ordinary conditions.

In third spot weighing in four bream for 1.985kg was team Unlucky of Ryan Garth and David Bailey, when asked if they had a plan for the day, David replied “we fish the Canning a fair bit, so our plan was to fish around the cove near Acquinis and a few other spots. After being overtaken in the 5 knot zone we started a bit grumpier than normal especially when it was slim pickings early. We then thought we would make the move and try Canning Bridge, upon arrival at the bridge we saw three other boats working the pylons. So we had a new choice to make which was to head up the Swan River or downstream to Claremont and Mosman Bay where we haven’t fished for about 18 months, with the rain we had recently had, we thought lets head downstream”.

5th Place Team Bluewater: Lowrance- with Alex Greisdorf and Luke Ryan

5th Place Team Bluewater: Lowrance- with Alex Greisdorf and Luke Ryan

It was probably the move away from everyone else that paid off, and also the change from the Z-mans with UV to Z-mans without UV according to Dave “once we changed to Z-Mans 2.5” in bloodworm we started getting a few more hits and a couple of just size keepers went in the live-well. I then put a cast behind one of Ryan’s hook-ups, and with a bite and fight just like all the small keepers we had already hooked I didn’t think it was any different, Ryan even called it for a decent flathead until we saw some big blue lips bust the surface. I’m pretty sure Ryan was more excited than me once we had him in the net”. This bream also took out the $1000 WATERSNAKE BIG BREAM at 0.995gms by 100gms, an awesome effort on a hard days fishing.

David mentioned “with all our fish coming between 10.00am and 12.00pm we thought we would need at least a couple of upgrades to get amongst the prizes but it just did not happen, and then to hold down 3rd spot, take out the WATERSNAKE BIG BREAM and qualify for the Grand Final, we are stoked”.

Ryan fished with his range of Duff rods, which were all matched with Daiwa Certate Reels. Each reel was loaded with Sunline Super PE in 8lb, whilst the leader of choice was the ever popular Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 4lb. Sadly though, their choice of jig head was the old Gamakatsu jigs that is no longer in production.

David fished with a 7ft Berkley Dropshot rod in 2-4kg, matched to a Daiwa Freams 2500 reel. The reel was also loaded with Sunline Super PE in 8lb, whilst David’s choice of leader was also the Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 4lb using the same Gamakatsu jig heads.

Whilst the Team Unlucky is not sponsored, David wanted to thank WATERSNAKE for the $1000 BIG BREAM prize and Berkley, Engel, Mako and the rest of the sponsors for the fantastic prizes they have provided for the 2015 series, and the WAFM team for all the organising they do, especially in the crappy weather.

We would like to thank series sponsor Berkley and Round 2 sponsor Engel for the fantastic product they have put up for the entire series, including the Engel Round 2 prizes. We would also like to thank Tackle Tactics, JML Trading, Shimano, Compleat Angler Nedlands, Watersnake/Jarvis Walker (BIG BREAM), Bluewater Tackle and Damiki/Pontoon 21 for all the quality product they have provided so far and for the rest of the series. And of course no event is the same without the support we get from Grannie Pies, providing anglers with a hot pie or sausage roll before hitting the water.

Also this round will see Grand Final spots go to the following teams:

Engel Round 2

Chitora/Pontoon 21, Breammaster, Unlucky, Bluewater/Lowrance and Damiki

They will join the following teams that qualified from Round 1:

ZMan Round 1

13 Fishing, Pontoon 21/Damiki, Flowrite/Engel, Lucky Cast and Perth Motorcycle Training

See you all at the next Round.


1 Chitora / Pontoon 21 Daniel Coughlan Mathew Burt 4 2.545
2 Breammaster Geoff Spadaccini Nathan Jones 4 2.310
3 Unlucky Ryan Garth David Bailey 4 1.985
4 13 Fishing Chris Pfrunder Callum Dowell 4 1.660
5 Bluewater / Lowrance Alex Greisdorf Luke Ryan 4 1.405
6 Damiki Dror Pietch Geoff Anderson 3 1.290
7 Keen As Shardi Biaghi Paul Furlong 3 1.035
8 Hurricane Tim Stylianou Andy Mitchell 3 0.995
9 Pflueger Jarrod Stevens Jarrad Wilson 2 0.855
10 Team in the Savage Szarn Tink Graeme Kovacevich 2 0.790
11 Grab A Granny Andrew Manson Steve Yarwood 2 0.745
12 Bream Bandits James Hopewell Joseph Gardner 2 0.720
13 Perth Motorcycle Training Brett Dowsett Sean Higgins 1 0.680
14 Team CRC Dave O’Reilly Dominic Vassallo 1 0.400
15 Dunkin for Donuts Rob Davies Shane Klompmaker 1 0.380
16 Getaway Outdoors Midland Phil Cockshutt Blair Paisley-Kerr 1 0.280
17 Smackem Kim McIntyre Ben Scott 1 0.255
18 Fishtec Solutions Murray Jeffrey Anthony Sexton 0 0.000
18 Blue Lippers Tom Harders Ryan Ng 0 0.000
18 Bream and Tonic Ryan Wainwright Dean Wainwright 0 0.000
18 Bream Brothers Nathan Walsh Tom Shilling 0 0.000
18 Bream Machines Chris Hill James Jeffrey 0 0.000
18 Dark Horses Colin Paisley Suzzanne Siranovic 0 0.000
18 DJILBA Nigel Kelley Stephen Dimmer 0 0.000
18 Flowrite / Engel Tim Stuart Rod Pickering 0 0.000
18 Grumpy Old Men Gary Cope Tony Ireland 0 0.000
18 Nitro Nation Ryan Cummins Brad MacDonald 0 0.000
18 Purple Ducks Leigh Barrett Brendan Harkness 0 0.000
18 Tackle World Mandurah Thys McCarthy Joe Franco 0 0.000
18 Team Renegade Ryan Abbott Paul Abbott 0 0.000
18 Urban Property Conveyancing Peter DeGroot Ollie Sear 0 0.000
18 Team Yellaterra John Osborne Barak Carder 0 DNF
18 Boat City / Zipbaits Brendon Gow Neil Ewen 0 DQ

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