ABT Angler Profile- Charles West

Multiple BASS Electric event winner, self confirmed bass addict and general all-round nice guy Queensland’s Charles West is an angler who lives and breaths fishing.

1. Name, age, and location– Charles West, 32, Ipswich Qld

2. How long have you been fishing ABT events-this will be my 9th year fish ABT tournaments

3. Greatest achievement in tournament angling– my greatest achievement was in 2011 at cressbrook in a bass electric round where there was a record number of anglers due to a bass pro event being cancelled, so there was a lot of pro guys there. I took the event out with the only angler to weight 2 bass in and got big bass too.

4. Preferred tournament species– my preferred tournament species is Australian Bass

5. Favourite tournament location-Maroon Dam near Boonah, QLD

6. Your go-to technique– my go to technique for maroon is suspend minnow

7. Your favourite lure– favourite lure, hard choice but at the moment it would be Megabass Margay in tamamushi colour

8. Your most feared competitor– most feared angler would be Steve Kanowski

9. What, if any, sponsors do you have– I am lucky to have 13 Fishing Australia , Versus Meiho Australia, and Haswing Marine Australia as msponsors.

10. How many days a month do you fish-average 6 days a month on the water.

11. How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle– I would spend about $600 on tackle a year.

12. Dream fishing location-would be PNG for black bass

13. Most embarrassing moment in a tournament-Most embarrassing moment was casting a baitcaster outfit for the reel to come off into the water and lucky it had a birds nest or I would of had to pull all the line off till where its tied to the spool.

14. Favourite place to eat on the road– BP Aratula

15. How many tournament donuts have you had to eat– a bakers dozen

16. 1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location-13 Fishing ML baitcaster with a concept kp throwing a  Tamamushi Megabass Pop X at Maroon

17. The tournament moment that broke your heart– my heart broke at Boondooma Bass convention on the last day. I was sitting in 4th from day before and we only had to weight in 1 of the biggest bass for the session and I dropped a donkey at the edge of the boat on a ice jig, I was gutted has it slowly swam away.

 18. Superstitions and rituals– superstition, filling livewell before catching a bass. Rituals, Spray on “reel magic” on my reels, ice coffee on the way to the event.

19. Hardest venue-hardest venue for me would be Borumba

 20. Dream fishing companion-it would be a dream to fish with Jun Shoji


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