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The popular Dragon Maggot is back in stock with some exciting new colours throughout  the range.

Dragon Maggot 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4” were introduced early in 2014 by JML Anglers Alliance (JML Trading) and soon became the secret weapon in all keen anglers tackle boxes.

The new wave of Dragon Maggot is available in 12 great colours in 2” , 8 colours in 2.5” ,9 colours in 3” ,and 4 colours in 4”.

Dragon Maggot unique fin-tail comes alive once it hits the water. It dances with any small lift of the rod tip. Being so easy to use it is prefect for first time soft plastic users to the proven tournament anglers.

The Dragon Maggot rigged on heavy jig-heads can be devastating when targeting bottom dwellers using high speed lift and drop action. Many strikes occur on the drop so a tight line is recomended. Equally successful is retrieving the lure quite slowly, along the bottom. Sand and silt particles will attract attention and repeated attacks ,often quite delicate are the result so it’s recommended to watch the rod tip at all time.  Whichever way you fish it the Dragon Maggot will increase your bag!

Size available / package / RRP:

2” (20pcs / RRP 9.95)

2.5” (15pcs / RRP 9.95)

3” (8pcs / RRP 7.95)

4” (8pcs / RRP 9.95)
Available in good local tackle shops



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