Engel Round 3 of the Berkley WA Bream Classic Series


Engel Round 3 of the Berkley WA Bream Classic Series kicked off in contrasting condition’s to round two where rain played a big part in the day. Round three started from the Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club and greeted anglers with chilly but fine conditions, with a light breeze to strengthen throughout the day.

Coming out on top and finding the best bites of the day was team Lucky Cast of Jake Gill and Jesse Choy weighing in a healthy bag of four bream for 2.970kgs. Both Jake and Jesse are Mandurah boys, who spent a fair amount of their childhood on the local rivers before they had known each other or even started fishing together. The knowledge they had accumulated from their childhood was certainly the key to their success.

When asked what the plan for the day was, Jesse replied “We decided to head upstream to an area in the Serpentine River which isn’t often thoroughly navigated, we launched the boat and thought the water was insanely cold, as a result our fishing was going to be real slow. We both rigged up grubs, with Jake using a ZMan in motor oil, and I was using the light cinnamon grub from Damiki”.

“Casts were made and it was immediately pandemonium in the skinny water we were fishing, and within minutes we had a nice 35cm bream in the net to kick off the day, Jake then landed the next three keepers over the next hour with those fish going 31cm, 32cm and a 36.5cm to fill the bag”.

“It had to be Jakes 36.5cm brute that was the highlight of our day, it had stripped his line after hitting the grub like a freight train when suddenly his rod snapped below the 2 piece join, the top half flew into the water while the drag was still squealing, when it finally stopped. He wound and it started taking off again, but watching Jake pull the fish out of the tight space on his one and only last guide was just awesome”.

“We also had a double hook-up on two crackers from the same snag which ended badly for us both, Jake even went in after them hoping to extract at least one to no avail, the result was a chilly day fishing in undies for Jake while his clothes dried. But we had such a great start to the day nothing could dampen our spirits, so we just plugged away with the grubs”.

“And when the pressure is off, good things happen and we added upgrades of a 32cm, 35cm and my highlight a 37cm to anchor the bag right before the bite shut down It would have to be the first time we actually stuck to our game plan and it actually worked out, so you really have to have a bit of faith in your plan and try and stick with it”.

Jake used a N.S Black Hole Avenger rod, matched with a Daiwa Certate 1003 reel whilst his leader of choice was 8lb Yamatoyo FC, Jakes lure of choice was the ZMan 2.5” grub in Motor Oil.

Jesse also used a N.S Black Hole Avenger rod, matched with a Shimano Sustain 1000, and his leader of choice was also 8lb Yamatoyo FC, Jesse’s lure of choice was the Damiki grub in light cinnamon.

When asked if they had anyone to thank, Jesse replied “We want to thank the fantastic competition sponsors, the WAFM crew and certainly Kate for making the delicious bacon and egg sandwiches for everyone. Thanks also to the competitors that turn out and make the effort to fish, it creates the great social environment that we currently have”.

In second place weighing in four bream for 2.175kg was team Tackle World Mandurah of Thys McCarthy and Brian Maccarone. When asked about their day Thys replied “We prefished with hard bodies and did ok trying to mimic the baitfish that were around the lower reaches of the Murray as well as the canals, so our plan was to try and fish some of the canals and to keep rotating though them, the other plan was to persist with hard bodies all day”.

“We dropped three fish in the first canal we tried which was disappointing, so we kept on moving and hit the next canal. That was a bit quiet with no action at all, so we headed back to our first spot and managed to boat a good 33cm that was followed by another good fish not long after. It wasn’t long before it went quiet and shut down a bit so we thought we would head out into the river, throw some plastics around and see if we couldn’t fill our bag”.

“We headed up to Bondy’s bend and threw plastics around for a while, which didn’t get much attention, so we thought we would head back to where we got our first keepers and continue with our initial game plan. It was the right decision because it was first cast and slow rolling the bottom next to a jetty when the Double Clutch in the rusty ayu colour attracted another 33cm, followed very quickly with our anchor fish at 37cm”.

“We only stayed connected to the four keepers in our bag, so we are real happy to take out 2nd spot with the day we had. It was pretty cold out there so it was good to see hard bodies and a plan pay off”.

Thys used a Megabass Racing Condition rod, matched with a Shimano Stella 1000fi, this was loaded with 0.8 PE Seabass Game line and 6lb Nitlon DFC leader. His second rod was a Megabass Sure Luck rod, matched with a Megabass Lovito 1000 reel, this was loaded with 0.8 Gosen Don Pepe line and 6lb Nitlon DFC leader.

Thys wanted to thank Tackle World Mandurah for all the support they give him and the team for the tournaments, they look after him when it comes to all his tackle needs. Giving him access to some quality rods, reels, line, leader and lures.

The team also wanted to thank the sponsors for the great products they supply the competitions with and also the organisers for everything including the great breakfast to start the day.

In third place and also taking the rookie prize for the round was team Nomad of Brendon Chua and Brett Ozanne weighing in nice bag of four bream for 2.115kg. When asked how the day went Brendon replied “We had a pretty simple plan, head up river and launch at Murray bend, pick out 5-6 good banks and give them a good working over. I was throwing Zman grubs in motor oil, whilst Brett was throwing Atomic cranks and minnows”.

“On the first bank we targeted and on the 3rd cast of the day I hooked our anchor fish which was a fantastic start to the day weighing in at just under a kilo. That was massive boost to our confidence especially being our first boat tournament. We then worked through the banks we had picked out and put four in the well by about 9am, with all the pressure off, we just tried to enjoy the day”.

“We managed two upgrades in the next 1 ½ hours before things got very quiet and whatever bite we had been following died off. We plugged away for a bit longer but nothing really came of it, so we headed back to the weigh in quite happy with the bag we had, it was also an awesome feeling to hold the WATERSNAKE BIG BREAM Hot seat until I got knocked off right near the end”.

Brendon was fishing with his 13 Fishing envy 610ML rod matched with a Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000, this was loaded with 6lb Amigo line with 6lb Amigo leader.

Brett’s rod of choice was his 13 Fishing 610L, matched with a Shimano Rarenium 2500.

Team Nomad thanked their sponsors, Nomad Tackle, StormR and 13 Fishing for all the gear they look after them with.

Taking out the WATERSNAKE BIG BREAM $1000 was Team Dark Horses Suzanne Siranovic weighing in a healthy 43cm blue lipped bream that dragged the scales down to 1.145kg and anchor their 1.805kg bag of 3 bream. When asked how the beast came aboard, Suzie replied “We were sight casting to fish around boat hulls in the central canals all day, it was pretty early when this big horse took a liking to my Duo Bivi Vibe the green ayu colour. And after a bit of fancy footwork, some great help from my teammate Colin we managed to get the fish in the boat, we had a lot of trouble with no electric so to finish the day in 9th spot is extremely satisfying”

Once again we would like to thank the fantastic sponsors that have come onboard for this year’s Berkley WA Classic Series. The first three place getters took home some quality products from Engel (Round 3 Sponsor), whilst the top ten place getters prize packs also included products from Berkley/Purefishing, Mako Sunglasses, Tackle Tactics, JML (Ecogear), Shimano, Compleat Angler, Damiki/Pontoon 21, Watersnake/Jarvis Walker, Atomic, Halco and Bluewater Tackle World.

1 34. Lucky Cast Jake Gill Jesse Choy 4 2.970 0.780
2 19. Tackle World Mandurah Thys McCarthy Brian 4 2.175 0.810
3 29. Nomad Tackle Brendan Chua Brett Ozanne 4 2.115 0.985
4 7. Perth Motorcycle Training Brett Dowsett Sean Higgins 4 2.010 0.650
5 28. Purple Ducks Leigh Barrett Brendan Harkness 4 1.950
6 10. Bluewater / Lowrance Alex greisdorf Luke Ryan 4 1.925
7 18. 13 Fishing Chris Pfrunder Callum Dowell 4 1.885 0.650
8 12. Pflueger Jarrad Stevens Jarryd Wilson 4 1.820
9 11. Dark Horses Suzie Siranovic Colin Peasey 3 1.805 1.145
10 15. T.B.A Chris Hill Matthew Jeffery 4 1.730
11 16. DJILBA Nigel Kelly Stephen Dimmer 4 1.700
12 35. Bream Botherers Nathan Walsh Tom Scheiling 4 1.675
13 23. Gladiator Steve Owens Shane Owens 4 1.480
14 22. Two Wogs in a Tinny Mitch Vane Daniel Perrella 4 1.475
15 3. Fishtec Solutions Murray Jeffery Anthony Sexton 4 1.230
16 26. Bream and Tonic Ryan Wainwright Dean Wainwright 3 0.965
17 25. Team Harders Michael Harders Tom Harders 2 0.945 0.630
18 1. Unlucky Ryan Garth David Bailey 1 0.820 0.820
19 27. Warthogs Offroad Ryan Ogley Brent Maas 2 0.560
20 30. Nitro Nation Ryan Cummins Brad Mcdonald 1 0.470
21 4. Dunkin for Donuts Rob Davies Shane Klompmaker 1 0.455
22 5. Keen As Shardi Biahgi Paul Furlong 1 0.445
23 31. Damiki Dror Pietch Sean Forward 1 0.400
24 24. Flowrite / Engel Tim Stuart Rod Pickering 1 0.395
25 8. Getaway Outdoors Midland Phil Cockshutt Blair Paisley-Kerr 1 0.295
26 17. Smackem Kim McIntyre Ben Scott 1 0.285
27 20. Ecogear / P21 Cody Clements Carey Nolan 0 0.000
27 2. Grab A Granny Mark Morris Andrew Manson 0 0.000
27 13. Pontoon 21 / Chittora Daniel Coughlan Matthew Burt 0 0.000
27 14. Grumpy Old Men Gary Cope Tony Ireland 0 0.000
27 21. Renegade Ryan Abbott Paul Abbott 0 0.000
27 32. Breammaster Geoff Spadaccini Nathan Jones 0 0.000
27 33. Prime Time Josh Mcalindon Dom Cera 0 0.000
27 36. JML / Phenix Rods Oli Stevenson Joseph Gardner 0 0.000
27 6. Team Fitzy Richard Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald
27 9. Team CRC Dave O’Reilly Brody Laroux

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