MagBite-Mimiq-1The Mimiq from Magbite of Japan is 42mm long, weighs 2.4 grams and is slow sinking.

The Mimiq has the shape of a baby squid and it comes in 5 different Colours for your choice.

This hardbody sinking stickbait is the ideal weapon for fishing around Structure.

Just on Bream and Estuary Perch alone, fishing Boat hulls or jetties/pontoons. Or even fishing down to 14 feet whilst the Fish are schooled up during Winter

The Mimiq will open up a hole new era for your needs, even for Bass along or over weed beds.

The Mimiq is a must in every Anglers tackle box.

To check out the full colour range and more information please visit or call 0404 719 944


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