Z-Man 8” Mag SwimZ

Mag SwimZ are ZMan’s new 10X Tough big fish swimbait. This full-bodied 8” paddle tail features a curved tail that hooks under to catch water and create a unique action that, when combined with its super-soft and flexible ElaZech construction, creates a unique lively tail action that attracts fish and triggers strikes.

This unique tail design also gives the 8” Mag SwimZ the ability to swim at a wide range of retrieve speeds, from a slow roll or hop, to a high speed retrieve for oceanic speedsters. Due to this versatility the Mag SwimZ has already accounted for a wide range of species, from barramundi, mulloway, snapper and dhufish, to kingfish, cobia, mackerel and tuna. Fish on!

Mag SwimZ are available in 6 colours, with 3 per pack and a SRP of $23.95.


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