This engine is ridiculous

Micah Adams 4As one of the Australia’s leading professional fishermen, Micah Adams has done more than most.

Fishing more than 200 days a year, visiting 20 countries, writing for Australia’s leading fishing journals, making instructional DVDs and – of course – hosting Adventure Angler on Fox Sports and Channel 10’s ONE HD.

But for Micah, the Mercury Verado was a complete revelation.

Micah recently installed a 225hp Mercury Verado FourStroke on his ‘blue water boat’, a 222 Pioneer centre console.

“On the first day with the new engine I went out with two other blokes who also know a bit about fishing and boating and none of us had experienced anything like it,” Micah said.

“We all looked at each other and said this engine is ridiculous.”

“It’s better than anything I’ve come across, and I’ve been around top-name engines for a long time.

“It’s the smoothest, quietest motor I’ve ever used and the fuel economy – I’ve got the figures – I saved 30% at cruise and 50% when off-shore trawling.

“And those numbers are compared to my last engine which was pretty fuel efficient itself.”

As soon as he had the new Mercury Verado fitted, Micah went for three days hard fishing and filming off Fraser Island.

“They were massive days, 150 nautical miles each, and the motor was simply a superior product. I’ve had nothing as good before,” he said.

“And the DTS (Digital Throttle and Shift)… the throttle is really smooth with no dull spots, really accurate, and the steering is super light so it makes the boat so easy to drive.

“I think some people still equate Mercury only with fast racing engines. No one can argue with their racing pedigree but they do so much more. Their FourStroke technology – from big engines down to small – is fantastic.

“Compared to any other motor I’ve experienced, this Verado is chalk and cheese.”

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